Big Finish – Doctor Who Main Range 205 – Planet of the Rani

Miasimia Goria, once a quiet planet, now the remnant of the Rani’s failed experiment to create a race of new gods. Decades later, as the Rani languishes in a high security jail chosen specially by the Doctor as the most suitable containment for her, her mind remains free, and plotting. By the time the Doctor returns to speak about her parole hearing, he finds to his cost the dangers of underestimating the Rani’s resourceful, ever calculating nature.  Now the captive is the captor, and the Doctor will learn that there are things in his past that won’t be forgotten.  The only thing that could save him is that the Rani’s desire to finish her experiment may just be greater than her thirst for revenge. But on the ruins of Miasimia Goria, the Rani’s unexpected legacy may prove too much for both of them…

Planet of the Rani


The Rani returns!

The Rani, the morally dubious female Time Lord played by Kate O’Mara in the 1980s, is to make her first appearance with Big Finish in Doctor Who: The Rani Elite, out in December.

In her latest body the Rani is played by Siobhan Redmond, whose many leading television credits include Between the Lines, The High Life, The Smoking Room, Taggart and Holby City.


But this wasn’t always to be the case.  “The Rani’s return was very much prompted by Kate,” says producer David Richardson. “Her agent contacted me and said that she would love to reprise the role with us, and when I mentioned this to executive producer Nicholas Briggs and script editor Alan Barnes they leapt at the opportunity.

After the sad passing of Kate the fate of the story was uncertain, until Kate’s agent contact Big Finish with the news that Kate had wanted them to proceed with a new incarnation of the character.

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