Harrison Wells

The Flash 2×05 – The Darkness and the Light

Kendra and Cisco

Kendra and Cisco

It’s hard to believe we’re already quarter of the way into the season, and this episode demonstrates an element of urgency in continuing to set out the stall ready for the mid-season crossover and subsequent launch of Legends of Tomorrow. At the same time, it also has its own plot arcs to unfold.

The Flash 2×04 – The Fury of Firestorm

flash2x04After the use of a classic story name in episode two, the show continues to mine the comics, this time taking inspiration from one of the titles held by the Firestorm comic over the years.

Last week we saw that with Ronnie ripped from the Firestorm matrix, Professor Stein is unable to remain stable for much longer.

The Flash 1×22 – Rogue Air


With one episode to go to the finale, The Flash serves up a real fan pleaser that not only allows familiar faces from throughout the first season to make a reappearance, but also works nicely to continue building up Barry’s character as he finds his way as a hero.

Indeed it’s Barry’s story that forms the meat of the episode. The spectre of the Reverse Flash looms large as Barry allows his inability to defeat Wells to make him doubt himself. As Wells activates the particle accelerator Barry is determined to save the Metahumans they’ve got locked up in it, but finds himself up against obstacles and bad choices at every turn. (more…)

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