Key UK TV Airdates

As the US Fall TV schedule starts to kick in, it’s time to see when those of us in the UK will get to see it. There’s a lot coming up, with some of the highlights below (and don’t forget The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime 18th November):

Once Upon a Time S6 Netflix 28/9
Black Mirror S3 Netflix 21/10
Class S1 BBC 3 22/10
Walking Dead S7 Fox UK 24/10
Supergirl S2 Sky 1 24/10
Flash S3 Sky 1 25/10
Arrow S5 Sky 1 26/10
Legends of Tomorrow S2 Sky 1 3/11
Gotham S3 C5 Q1
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S4 E4 Q1

Superhero UK TV Air Dates (updated)

Whilst some will likely move around a bit, these are the currently known dates for UK airings of the latest series of each show.

Show Channel Start Date
The Flash Sky1 13/10/2015
Arrow Sky1 14/10/2015
Gotham Ch5 Spring 2016
Legends of Tomorrow
Supergirl Sky 1 29/10/2015
Agents of SHIELD Ch4 Autumn 2015
Jessica Jones Netflix 20/11/2015
Agent Carter Fox UK Spring 2016
Robot Chicken Fox UK 15/10/2015

Four Color Fall

DC superhero TVLive action superhero shows are not a new idea – versions have existed almost as long as there have been comics to inspire them. Over the last 80+ years, there have been numerous attempts to bring our four-colour heroes to a mass audience, with many of the characters and concepts from the comics having found their way to the movies, serials and tv shows.

Gotham 01×06 – Spirit of the Goat


Episode 6 – Spirit of the Goat

Reviewed by Alan

Gotham Harvey BullockThis week, Jim Gordon’s cynical partner Harvey Bullock finds a ghost from his past revisiting Gotham, and meanwhile the secrets Jim’s keeping continue to threaten him.

Harvey Bullock has long been a fan-favourite character in the Batman universe, and he’s been a constant presence in the show so far.  The counter-point to Gordon’s hope and heroism.  The cop who just wants Jim to get with the program.

So episode 6 finally allows him to get some of the focus that’s been consistently elsewhere throughout this first run of episodes.  When the Spirit of the Goat, a serial killer of Gotham’s rich elite, resurfaces after being shot dead by Harvey 10 years previously, Harvey’s forced to confront some of those old demons, allowing Jim a glimpse that there’s more to Bullock than he’s seen to this point. (more…)

The Skaro Review: Gotham 01×05 – Viper


Episode 5 – Viper

Reviewed by Alan

Gotham Bruce WayneThe impact of last week’s events comes into focus this week, as the turf war between Marone and Falcone intensifies, and meanwhile a new designer drug, Viper is flooding the streets.  But how does it link back to Wayne Enterprises?

Last week I commented on how the main plot of the episode, involving the Arkham development, worked well to bring Bruce and Alfred more meaningfully into the story.   That’s a trend that’s continued this week in force, with David Mazouz’s Bruce showing an obsession with the deal, and how his parents’ company could’ve allowed it to happen.   While only 13, Mazouz does a brilliant job of bringing a lot of Batman into the role in a convincing way.  This Bruce already displays the drive, intellect and detective skills that will come to serve him well, culminating in a fun scene with a middle manager talking down to him.   (more…)

The Skaro Review: Gotham 01×04 – Arkham


Episode 4 – Arkham

Reviewed by Alan


There’s no doubt Gotham’s fourth episode comes with a title that’ll provoke some interest from the fans.  There are few places in Gotham as iconic as the Asylum, so its nice to see it appearing prominently in this series.

While we’re only on episode 4, its nice to see a tweak in the format of the show slightly, to keep things from getting too stale.  While there’s still a separate A-plot of the week, and the ongoing storylines carry on alongside it, this week that A-plot has much larger consequences playing into the ongoing storyline. (more…)

The Skaro Review: Gotham 01×03 – The Balloonman

Gotham The PenguinGotham finds itself gripped by a vigilante joining the scene, and while “The Balloonman” may not conjure up fear and superstition in quite the same way as Gotham’s future vigilante, he certainly gets the job done in memorable style.

Structurally, Gotham’s second episode very much follows the pattern of the first, with a central A-plot giving the episode something to centre on, while the various other plot strands bubble away alongside it.  However, while this third episode is familiar in some ways (Police aren’t bothered, Gordon’s the only one who cares until its in everyone’s interest), the fact that its a vigilante on the scene immediately gives events more of a hook, especially hitting home with young Bruce as he follows the Balloonman’s exploits.  The foreshadowing works strongly as the man he’s going to become is teased, and this adds something to the scenes with Bruce and Alfred that I thought the second episode perhaps lacked.  Here, with the vigilante angle, it feels like they’re more integrated into what’s happening in the rest of the episode. (more…)

The Skaro Review – Gotham 01×02: Selina Kyle

Gotham Season 1 Episode 2

Selina Kyle

Reviewed by Alan

Gotham CatwomanWith this second episode, Gotham quickly moves to build on the strengths of its pilot with Gordon’s position as the one honest cop in the precinct quickly starting to wear on him (possibly even quicker than I might have expected, thanks to the events towards the end of the pilot).  Key elements that were put in place continue to get attention, as lots of different plot strands get their time to shine in the episode, and we’re given much more focus on the young Catwoman who was glimpsed last week.

Of course, given the episode title, its no surprise that we see a lot more of Selina Kyle this week.  While only a teenager, she’s still recognisable as the future Catwoman, thanks to her tendency to climb high places, and her goggles that evoke the ears she’ll wear in years to come (while also being a nice visual nod to some of the more recent Catwoman outfits in the comics).  And she seems pretty well served here, with a plot designed to showcase her resourcefulness while also bringing her onto Gordon’s radar and establishing a relationship between the two characters while moving on the main story. (more…)

The Skaro Review: Gotham – Pilot

Reviewed by Alan


Hot on the heels of the success of Arrow, DC were quick to start bringing their properties to the small screen.   Direct Arrow spinoff The Flash will be coming up next month, but our first visit is to Batman’s stomping grounds, in Gotham.

The premise is pretty straight-forward.  This is Gotham before there was a Batman.  Focusing on the newly arrived Jim Gordon, the series takes us through the gangland struggles and Police corruption that are familiar to anyone that’s followed the Batman mythos, or even just seen Batman Begins. (more…)

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