Fox Highlights Jan 2015

Friday 16th January at 10pm
From Steven Bochco, the creator of LA Law and NYPD Blue, comes a brand new slick and smart series Murder InThe First.  This dark drama follows homicide detectives Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) as they investigate two seemingly unrelated murders.  As people start dropping like flies can the detectives find their murderer before it’s too late?

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The Walking Dead – 05×06 – Consumed

Ah Carol. Way back in series 1 she seemed like zombie bait, just a matter of time. But how she’s changed. Other than Rick is there anyone tougher on the show? I think not. This episode is about trying to find Beth, with a trip into the city to search for her, but the focus is on Carol. We find out what happened to her after she was cast out from the Prison and a little of her past. The title of this episode refers to things that are consuming her personally, the most obvious being trying to deal with what happened with the girls last year. But there are a lot of such nods to a things that stretch all the way back to her killings at the prison.

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