The Flash 1×15 – Out of Time

flash1x15After a month-long break, Flash returns with a packed episode. Given that the show has already been part of a crossover with Arrow, had a strong mid-season finale, and given a two-part introduction to another superhero, it’s perhaps surprising that there’s so much in this episode. Of course, in line with the lead character’s ‘thing’, the show has not been slow to bring in new elements, and this episode hits us with several big deals, culminating in a blast of awesome. And we’re still quite some weeks away from the finale. (more…)

The Flash 1×14 – Fallout

FalloutLast week, we left the Flash racing Caitlin away from the site where the fused Firestorm is about to explode with a nuclear blast. Of course they outrun the explosion, which turns out to be the energy released by the fission of Ronnie and Professor Stein. Perhaps not surprisingly, given their enforced conjoining, Stein and Raymond tend to snark at one another, though the chemistry between the two ensures it remains mild.

A late arrival to last week’s episode was General Wade Eiling, whose intent is to use meta-humans and meta technology to create an army of super soldiers. His previous attempt with Plastique didn’t go so well, so he’s keen to succeed with Firestorm.

Like last week’s Arrow, this episode had a lot more going on than normal, and felt a little crowded in parts. However, with a hiatus coming up, it gives us a lot to take away and ponder. (more…)

The Flash 1×13 – The Nuclear Man

flash1x13Effectively part one of a two-part story, this episode feels to be something of a curate’s egg, or perhaps half thereof. Much of what we see this episode comes across as setup for part two, though there is still plenty to enjoy. (more…)

The Flash 1×12 – Crazy For You

flash-crazy6Many shows tend to sag a little mid-season in the lull between the excitement of the new season and the build towards the endgame of the season finale. This can often be the case with a new show that is either taking a cautious approach to introducing the mythos, or one which wants to spread the material out to last the lifetime of the show.

Flash seems to be ignoring the conventions and is not only introducing elements from the comics almost every week – something that is perhaps easier to do with the character given his renowned rogues gallery of villains. From the A-list, we haven’t seen Golden Glider in action, the two Tricksters are due shortly, and we’re yet to see Mirror Master, the Top and Abra Kadabra. With the formation of a team of Rogues (we’ve already seen Heat Wave and Captain Cold team up, and a brief moment of Golden Glider, but with the Tricksters and a new Weather Wizard imminent, it would seem a likely time to bring in Mirror Master at least). (more…)

The Flash 1×11 – The Sound and the Fury

Whereas Arrow took a cautious approach to the source material in its first season, Flash dived headlong in and has been rapidly working through the Rogues Gallery of villains – we’ve already seen one Weather Wizard, with another on the way, Captain Cold and Heat Wave, Rainbow Raider, and teases of Grodd and Golden Glider. This week it’s the turn of the Pied Piper.

flash1x11Hartley Rathaway used to work at Star Labs, and it seems he attempted to warn Wells about the likely explosion of the particle accelerator, but was then fired and the warning ignored. His intent is to reveal this to the world, using technology he has developed to harness the power of sound. Unfortunately, he spent a lot less time on his choice of wardrobe, which feels a little too ‘Harry Potter’. (more…)

The Flash 1×10 – Revenge of the Rogues

coldIt’s been several weeks since we last saw the Flash, where he finally went up against Reverse Flash, only to realise he was far from good enough to beat him. For the first time since the lightning struck, he realised he was not the fastest man alive.

The repercussions of this continue to reverberate, with Barry’s training sessions stepping up a pace, culminating in being attacked by a missile-firing drone controlled by Cisco (who seems to enjoy these sessions far too much – is that just his geek personality, or is it a precursor of something to come?). (more…)

The Flash 1×09 – The Man in the Yellow Suit

The-Man-In-The-Yellow-SuitWhen he was a child, Barry witnessed his mother being killed by a super-fast meta-human dressed in a yellow outfit. Due to his age, his testimony was ignored and his father was jailed for murder. He was taken in by Joe, the detective who handled the case, and since then, he’s tried to find evidence to get his father proven innocent and released. (more…)

The Flash 1×08 – Flash vs Arrow / Arrow 1×08 – The Brave and the Bold

flash-arrow-crossover-episode-logoIt’s long been very much a comic book tradition to have characters from otherwise independent books crossing over to meet up for a particular reason, whether it’s Batman visiting Metropolis on the trail of a case, or Superman visiting Gotham to ask Batman for detective help. It’s an opportunity for us to see ‘how the other half lives’.

However, once properties are translated to television and spread across the TV landscape, it’s much rarer for crossovers to happen. Those with longer memories may recall one of the few such examples being The Six Million Dollar Man crossing over with The Bionic Woman, noteworthy due to it even traversing two networks.

With Arrow and The Flash sharing a network and production teams, a crossover was practically inevitable – we’ve already had Felicity pop over for a visit, and The Flash was originally spun out of Arrow. (more…)

The Flash 1×06 – The Flash is Born

flash1x06I’ve commented in the past that where Arrow is the ‘Batman’ of DC TV these days (dark, gritty, established with a heavy dose of realism), Flash is the ‘Superman’ equivalent (light, airy, new and hopeful).

With Arrow having had two previous seasons to build its world, it has the ability to be a bit more experimental in what it does. Flash, by comparison, is making its first steps through that process, which means character-centric episodes have a lot to do. (more…)

Convergence – DC Comics Event Spring 2015

convergencepromoDuring the two month period when DC Comics relocates from its current home in New York to Burbank in California, the publisher will bridge the gap with one of the largest crossover events they’ve attempted, taking in characters from across 80 years of comic history. (more…)

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