Key UK TV Airdates

As the US Fall TV schedule starts to kick in, it’s time to see when those of us in the UK will get to see it. There’s a lot coming up, with some of the highlights below (and don’t forget The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime 18th November):

Once Upon a Time S6 Netflix 28/9
Black Mirror S3 Netflix 21/10
Class S1 BBC 3 22/10
Walking Dead S7 Fox UK 24/10
Supergirl S2 Sky 1 24/10
Flash S3 Sky 1 25/10
Arrow S5 Sky 1 26/10
Legends of Tomorrow S2 Sky 1 3/11
Gotham S3 C5 Q1
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S4 E4 Q1

The Flash 2×12 – Fast Lane

flash 2x12In many ways, this episode could almost have been dropped into the middle of season 1 without too much effort. Featuring a relatively low-tier villain (Tar Pit), it puts the episode’s focus onto the STAR Labs team and allows their interactions to come to the fore. With the team established halfway into their second year, this can often be the strongest part of the show. (more…)

The Flash 2×10 – Potential Energy

flash2x10Back after the Christmas break, and with Legends of Tomorrow finally launched, the show is now able to focus on its own story and arcs without the side trips to establish the characters and back story for the spin-off.

The Flash 2×09 – Running to Stand Still

flash2x09After last week’s two-part pseudo Justice League crossover with Arrow, we’re briefly back with the home team again before the mid-season break, in an episode which echoes back to the days of the Batman TV show with a good old multi-villain team-up. (more…)

The Flash 2×08 – Legends of Today – Arrow 4×08 – Legends of Yesterday

flasharrow1With titles like these, it’s no great surprise that the now-traditional mid-season crossover story is being used to launch the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series. What is perhaps more surprising, is that whilst it feels more like the sort of 1970s Giant crossover story that used to appear in the summer before comics invented ‘Events’, this two-parter feels like it’s working within the ongoing plots of the respective shows, rather than taking a step away for the duration.

The Flash 2×07 – Gorilla Warfare

groddIn the very first episode, we were teased with the appearance of a mangled cage sporting the name Grodd. Whilst comic fans would instantly recognise this as Gorilla Grodd, it seemed unlikely that a show from the same stable as the gritty and fairly grounded Arrow would go so far as to actually feature a giant talking psychic genius gorilla.

Of course, as we now know, they did.

After that appearance, it’s no surprise that it was just a matter of time before we got a return appearance from the lonely gorilla. This time round, Grodd is using his mind control ability to obtain chemicals he can use to increase the intelligence of other gorillas and give him some others of his kind to hang out with.

The Flash 2×06 – Enter Zoom

flash2x06With Zoom seemingly intent on sending a stream of metahumans over from Earth 2 to kill the Flash, Barry is keen to leverage the captured Dr Light to lure Zoom to Earth 1, on the basis that the longer it goes on, the more likely someone will get hurt.

The Flash 2×04 – The Fury of Firestorm

flash2x04After the use of a classic story name in episode two, the show continues to mine the comics, this time taking inspiration from one of the titles held by the Firestorm comic over the years.

Last week we saw that with Ronnie ripped from the Firestorm matrix, Professor Stein is unable to remain stable for much longer.

The Flash 2×03 – Family of Rogues

flash2x03After last week’s info-packed episode introducing the season arc and bringing non-comics readers up to speed on concepts such as parallel earths, this week’s is a notable change of pace.

Whilst the show keeps the various plates spinning, the focus of this episode leans more towards character development than the multiverse arc.

The Flash 2×02 – Flash of Two Worlds

flash2x02After the early years of popularity during what became known as the Golden Age of comics; for a time, superheroes went out of fashion as many titles were cancelled, replaced on the shelves by crime and horror titles.

In the mid 50s, following claims linking those comics with child delinquency, the time was deemed right to bring back the superhero comic. However, rather than bring back the Golden Age heroes, most of the titles introduced new versions of the characters, with different origins, secret identities and even variations on their powers. In the case of the Flash, the new (Barry Allen) version chose his identity based on the Jay Garrick version he read in the comics. (more…)

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