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Doctor Who Main Range – We are the Daleks ( or We are the DAAARRRRLEKS as Matt Smith would say it)

In the 80s greed is good, and bankers and brokers are the masters of the universe.  But supreme among them is the mysterious media mogul Alex Zenos, head of the powerful Zenos Corporation.  He is a man who with a lot to offer and he’s offering it to Britain, just when it needs an economic miracle to offset the strikes and riots.  He has powerful backers who wish to invest and with the terms they are offering, who can refuse? So while the Doctor is distracted investigating a suspiciously advanced computer game called Warfleet, Mel is left to go undercover to find out just who Zenos’s partners are.


We are the Daleks

For the Daleks, power is good.  The power of the free market will let them take over the earth, and the only shot fired will be inside a game.


Big Finish, 4th Doctor Adventures 4.06 – The Cloisters of Terror

Legend has it that St Matilda’s college in Oxford is haunted. Three ghostly nuns wander the halls of the ancient institution, formerly a convent, and anyone who sees them will not be long for this world.
The Cloisters of Terror
When a student disappears, the new Dean, one Dame Emily Shaw, wants to call the police in. But it’s not just her staff who would rather she didn’t, as her call is answered by the Doctor and Leela.  Are the ghosts real or is there a millennia-old secret that’s even more terrifying hidden behind St Matlida’s walls and cloisters?


Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Adventures – 4.05 – Surburban hell

Somewhere in a leafy suburb of North London, someone’s world is ending in pain and misery, their very existence turned upside down by the lack of Marie Rose sauce just as their guests are expected. How can one host a dinner party without a starter!?
4th Doctor Adventures - Surburban Hell
But there is one, small hope! If the Doctor and his companion Leela can be distracted by Ralph’s small talk long enough for some sauce to be borrowed from a neighbour, perhaps the evening can be saved and a disaster avoided! But tasteless prawns and a struggle for topical 70s banter are not the only threats awaiting the Doctor.  There’s a rift in space and time which has lured the TARDIS into another time zone, and now  a strange fog has appeared outside in which lurk blue monsters expecting more than prawns on the menu!

Doctor Who Main Range – The Last of the Cybermen

It’s ten years since the Great Cyber War was ended by a final assault on Telos after the tables had been turned by the Glittergun’s lethal efficacy.  But out in the furthest edges of the galaxy a strange reminder of the Cyberr-ace remains: a hundreds of feet high Giant Cyberhead.  

A monument? A memorial? A tomb? The Doctor sets out to discover what it is… but he fails to return.  Inside the TARDIS Jamie and Zoe’s worried waiting is interrupted by a brightly dressed stranger who insists that he’s the Doctor.  But why here? Why Now?  Has the universe really seen the last of the Cybermen?

Big Finish Fourth Doctor Adventures – Death Match

The Death Match is now under new management, with a mysterious new and unbeaten champion, and privacy assured to its rich patrons as they watch their champions fight to the death from the comfort of the orbiting Quarry Station.  Prizes are offered for every kill in a purpose built environment bristling with deadly traps and hidden dangers.  There is only one rule in the Death Match: kill or be killed!


The 4th Doctor Adventures - Death Match


Big Finish – Lost Stories Weekend Offer


Are you intrigued by the stories that never were, like the original plans for Seasons 23 or 27? This weekend is a great time to find out more, as Big Finish have reduced all of their Lost Stories until the morning (UK time) of Monday 27th April. Check out the offer here!

Sherlock Holmes 4.0 The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is dead – at least, he is to the world at large and his closest friend: Dr John Watson. However, it turns out that the Reichenbach Falls were not the end for Sherlock but merely the start of a long and enigmatic period of his life, a period shrouded in obscurity and mystery.

The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes
At least, that is, until now. Appearing from nowhere after many years Holmes has a long and complex tale to tell Watson. A story that involves not just themselves but a secret society: one that has a grim and fanatical devotion to changing the world forever. From London to Tibet, our heroes must battle the dangerous cult, and no one is safe from its poisonous touch. The flood is coming and it may be already too late to stop it.


Big Finish Eighth Doctor – Dark Eyes 3

The Dark Eyes 3 box set is out and Ol’ Eightie is back – although not, for the most part, in the company of his current companions, Irish pretend nurse Molly O’Sullivan and mopey erstwhile botwrangler Liv Chenka.

In his quest for universal domination, the Master plans to exploit the terrifying Infinite Warriors of the mysterious Eminence. The Doctor’s friend, Molly, is key to that plan’s execution, and now, aided by corrupted genius Sally Armstrong, the Master is close to success.


It is pretty clear that DE3’s writer Matt Fitton faced a number of structural challenges with the scripts for the four stories comprising this box set, caused in no small part by the unavailability of key cast members for recording at the same time due to other work commitments. That the box set is as good as it is, therefore, is no mean feat and a cause for praise in itself; but there’s a certain heaviness to the plotting nonetheless that makes it all, sadly, a little laboured. (more…)

BF July 14 retro – Nev Fountain: BF’s Messiah, or just a Very Naughty Boy?

If there is a natural successor to Douglas Adams, then Nev Fountain surely has a claim to that title. Although the word ‘natural’ probably undersells the amount of blood, sweat and tears that is patently poured into each work. [Looks up antonyms for ‘natural’.] Fountain is Adams’s artificial successor. No, hang on… yes, that’s better. Fountain is Adams’s refined successor.

Enough of the mindless sycophancy and possibly faint praise. Let’s delve in a little deeper…

New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield

Fountain is one of the lesser gods from the pantheon of Big Finish writers, if you measure by volume. However, that handful of stories manages to contain gold, including one of the best Who main range plays (Fifth Doctor outing The Kingmaker) and probably the best Companion Chronicle (Peri and the Piscon Paradox, in which the superb writing is only matched by a superlative performance from Nicola Bryant). (more…)

The Rani returns!

The Rani, the morally dubious female Time Lord played by Kate O’Mara in the 1980s, is to make her first appearance with Big Finish in Doctor Who: The Rani Elite, out in December.

In her latest body the Rani is played by Siobhan Redmond, whose many leading television credits include Between the Lines, The High Life, The Smoking Room, Taggart and Holby City.


But this wasn’t always to be the case.  “The Rani’s return was very much prompted by Kate,” says producer David Richardson. “Her agent contacted me and said that she would love to reprise the role with us, and when I mentioned this to executive producer Nicholas Briggs and script editor Alan Barnes they leapt at the opportunity.

After the sad passing of Kate the fate of the story was uncertain, until Kate’s agent contact Big Finish with the news that Kate had wanted them to proceed with a new incarnation of the character.

Read more on this story on the Big Finish website!

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