The Outpost Skaro End of 2014 Awards – Winners!


The community has spoken… here are your winners!

Favourite Doctor – Tom Baker
Favourite S8 EpisodeMummy On The Orient Express
Favourite Christmas SpecialLast Christmas
Favourite S8 writer – Jamie Mathieson
Favourite S8 director – it’s a tie! Douglas Mackinnon / Rachel Talalay
Favourite S8 guest star (returning/recurring) – Michelle Gomez
Favourite S8 guest star (one-off) – Frank Skinner

Favourite BF Main RangeAntidote To Oblivion
Favourite BF Early AdventureAn Ordinary Life
Favourite BF Fourth Doctor AdventurePhilip Hinchcliffe Presents Box Set
Favourite BF Companion ChronicleSecond Chances
Favourite BF Other WhoThe Worlds Of Doctor Who

Favourite non-Who audioSpringheel’d Jack
Favourite non-Who TVThe Flash

Favourite comic book movie – tie between Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite sci-fi movieEdge of Tomorrow
Favourite horror movie – another tie, The Guest / Under The Skin


What do you think of our winners, and what are your hopes for next year? Tell us in the forums!

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