Key UK TV Airdates

As the US Fall TV schedule starts to kick in, it’s time to see when those of us in the UK will get to see it. There’s a lot coming up, with some of the highlights below (and don’t forget The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime 18th November):

Once Upon a Time S6 Netflix 28/9
Black Mirror S3 Netflix 21/10
Class S1 BBC 3 22/10
Walking Dead S7 Fox UK 24/10
Supergirl S2 Sky 1 24/10
Flash S3 Sky 1 25/10
Arrow S5 Sky 1 26/10
Legends of Tomorrow S2 Sky 1 3/11
Gotham S3 C5 Q1
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S4 E4 Q1

Superhero UK TV Air Dates (updated)

Whilst some will likely move around a bit, these are the currently known dates for UK airings of the latest series of each show.

Show Channel Start Date
The Flash Sky1 13/10/2015
Arrow Sky1 14/10/2015
Gotham Ch5 Spring 2016
Legends of Tomorrow
Supergirl Sky 1 29/10/2015
Agents of SHIELD Ch4 Autumn 2015
Jessica Jones Netflix 20/11/2015
Agent Carter Fox UK Spring 2016
Robot Chicken Fox UK 15/10/2015

Four Color Fall

DC superhero TVLive action superhero shows are not a new idea – versions have existed almost as long as there have been comics to inspire them. Over the last 80+ years, there have been numerous attempts to bring our four-colour heroes to a mass audience, with many of the characters and concepts from the comics having found their way to the movies, serials and tv shows.

Arrow 3×15 – Nanda Parbat

AR315B_0055bIt may only be episode 15, but a lot has happened this season. After departing at the end of last season, Sara Lance returned to Starling City only to be murdered. This then became the driver behind pretty much everything that’s happened since then.

There will be some spoilers for UK viewers. (more…)

Arrow 3×13 – Canaries

arrow3x13Whilst comics may drive the initial creation of tv shows, the need to ground it within a real world, together with the building of its own mythos means that it doesn’t take long for a series to move away from its roots. Every so often, there is a moment when the show figuratively takes a breath in order to clear out some of the overhanging plot elements.

Last week, Arrow had reached one of those points – Oliver had returned from a battle to the death with Ra’s al Ghul; Laurel was running around hitting criminals with a stick as the Canary replacement for her dead sister whilst allowing (and actively encouraging) her father to believe Sara was still alive; everyone knows Oliver is the Arrow with the exception of Thea. (more…)

Arrow 3×12 – The Uprising

arrow3x12Ollie’s enforced absence from Starling City has given Brick (Vinnie Jones) a month-long opportunity to build his gang and start to take over the Glades, with the police unable to stop him, despite the efforts of Team Arrow to assist. Given that the field Team Arrow is basically Roy at the moment – Laurel tries hard, but she still looks like she basically just hits people with a stick as hard as she can; Diggle must have babysitting duties; and despite last week’s pep talk about carrying on the Arrow’s work, Felicity seems to be slipping backwards again – it’s impressive that they are achieving some measure of respect from the locals. It also highlights how important the Arrow is as a symbol to the people of the city, and to the Glades in particular. (more…)

Arrow 3×11 – Midnight City

arrow3x11Grief affects people in different ways – with Laurel, it’s about anger; with Roy, it’s about distancing his feelings; with Diggle, it’s about sublimating himself to his duty to the team; and with Felicity it’s insensate numbness. Last week we saw Team Arrow going through the motions of trying to protect Starling City in Ollie’s absence, and becoming increasingly disheartened as the likelihood of his survival shrank. As the team begins to question whether there is any point to continuing with the crusade, Brick continues to increase his stronghold on the Glades. (more…)

Arrow 3×10 – Left Behind

arrow1x10At the end of last episode, we saw Ollie go up against Ra’s al Ghul to keep Thea safe. As with the theme of sister show ‘The Flash’, Ollie learnt he wasn’t good enough to win and ended up being skewered and thrown off the mountain.

With half a season still to go, it was unlikely in the extreme that this was Ollie’s final call, and the question was more around how long he might be gone and what will be revealed as the method for his survival. (more…)

Arrow 3×09 – The Climb

arrow-the-climb-0261b-114473The modern-day tv trend of shows splitting around fixed events such as Christmas, etc, has given many the opportunity for a mid-season finale, gathering together the various threads and building to a big climax and cliffhanger bridging the gap to the second half of the season.

Following Sara’s departure at the end of series 2, her return at the beginning of this season was surprising by virtue of its suddenness, and perhaps a little rushed to enable her subsequent death to seed the plot arc for the first few episodes. (more…)

The Flash 1×08 – Flash vs Arrow / Arrow 1×08 – The Brave and the Bold

flash-arrow-crossover-episode-logoIt’s long been very much a comic book tradition to have characters from otherwise independent books crossing over to meet up for a particular reason, whether it’s Batman visiting Metropolis on the trail of a case, or Superman visiting Gotham to ask Batman for detective help. It’s an opportunity for us to see ‘how the other half lives’.

However, once properties are translated to television and spread across the TV landscape, it’s much rarer for crossovers to happen. Those with longer memories may recall one of the few such examples being The Six Million Dollar Man crossing over with The Bionic Woman, noteworthy due to it even traversing two networks.

With Arrow and The Flash sharing a network and production teams, a crossover was practically inevitable – we’ve already had Felicity pop over for a visit, and The Flash was originally spun out of Arrow. (more…)

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