BF July 14 retro – Nev Fountain: BF’s Messiah, or just a Very Naughty Boy?

If there is a natural successor to Douglas Adams, then Nev Fountain surely has a claim to that title. Although the word ‘natural’ probably undersells the amount of blood, sweat and tears that is patently poured into each work. [Looks up antonyms for ‘natural’.] Fountain is Adams’s artificial successor. No, hang on… yes, that’s better. Fountain is Adams’s refined successor.

Enough of the mindless sycophancy and possibly faint praise. Let’s delve in a little deeper…

New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield

Fountain is one of the lesser gods from the pantheon of Big Finish writers, if you measure by volume. However, that handful of stories manages to contain gold, including one of the best Who main range plays (Fifth Doctor outing The Kingmaker) and probably the best Companion Chronicle (Peri and the Piscon Paradox, in which the superb writing is only matched by a superlative performance from Nicola Bryant). (more…)

Capaldi Joins Doctor Who Legacy

Legacy Title ScreenThis week Doctor Who Legacy has launched its tie ins with series 8.  Available now in the Special section, you’ll find Series 8 available in three different versions, easy, medium and hard so everyone can play, regardless of what level you’re at.

And even better, the first mission, Deep Breath includes a 100% drop of the 12th Doctor.

The series 8 missions will update every weekend after the tv episode has aired featuring a tie in to that episode’s events.

Keep an eye on Doctor Who Legacy’s Facebook page for more updates, including codes for free time crystals and more!

Series 8 Reviews: Into The Dalek. By Eddie McGuigan

Into The Dalek

Review by Eddie McGuigan



A Doctor isn’t a Doctor until he’s met his most dreaded adversaries, and Steven Moffat always throws a new Doctor at them pretty early on.



Series 8 is no exception as before the coffee is even cold the Twelfth Doctor comes face to face with the Daleks. (more…)

Matt Smith takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

After this last weekend, we’re certainly no strangers to the Ice Bucket Challenge here at Outpost Skaro, with many of your favourite (or least favourite) mods still trying to warm up again.

However having seen Matt Smith complete the challenge, we just had to share the video  :-)

YouTube Preview Image

It would now seem like the ball is in Karen Gillan’s court, having also been challenged by Neil Gaiman and accepted :-)

Doctor Who Extra – Exclusive to iPlayer!

The BBC has today announced Doctor Who Extra – a brand-new series, exclusively on BBC iPlayer. Doctor Who Extra is much more than a ‘making of’ show, as we follow Peter Capaldi every step of the way throughout the creation of his first season as the Doctor.

Doctor Who Extra

Read more here!

Read Peter Capaldi’s most extensive and revealing interview to date, only in DWM 477!

In a bumper-sized 100-page issue, DWM catches up on set with the PETER CAPALDI –  the new Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 477

Doctor Who Magazine asked Peter how he has gone about making the part of the Doctor his own…
“Well,” says Peter, “you begin with yourself. You begin with those elements of yourself that you feel would be at home in the role. There’s an old actors’ adage that you don’t become the role, the role becomes you. It’s trying to find those parts of you that will fit with the Doctor, and understand those bits that don’t come so naturally to you, that you have to fabricate. I kept looking for people in my life who I thought had elements of the Doctor about them, and were inspirational in some ways. I composed a list of those…” (more…)

Doctor Who: The World Tour – in London

London, 7th August 2014. It was a gloriously sunny early evening as I approached along the riverside, with a twinge of nostalgia seeing the long tables selling books outside instantly taking me back the best part of a couple of decades. Had there been something called My Wibbly Wobbly Booky Wooky it may have been especially appropriate, but they seemed to have the wrong franchise there instead…

wrong franchise

More interesting was my target, which I remembered as the National Film Theatre but since renamed the BFI Southbank. (more…)


BBC Worldwide today announces that several of its fan events taking place around the world as part of the Doctor Who global tour will be streamed live on its Doctor Who YouTube channel so that fans can participate wherever they are.

Doctor Who World Tour!

The BBC are touring series 8 worldwide!


The Skaro Review – Deep Breath



The Who team has gone all out with Deep Breath, with world tour, cinema release (in Scope aka 2.35:1 ratio no less) and dedicated DVD/BluRay release. But is Peter Capaldi’s first episode worth a gasp or a sigh? (more…)

Star Trek Axanar


Every so often here on Outpost Skaro, we like to look beyond the worlds of Doctor Who, when something interesting catches our eye.

Being a fan of Star Trek, and having followed various fan productions (such as Phase 2, Exeter and Continues) for a while, one project that caught my attention was Star Trek Axanar.

Looking at the Four Years War with the Klingon Empire, the planned feature film will fill in a major part of the Star Trek backstory, informing the antagonistic stance between the Federation and Klingons that comes up first in Errand of Mercy, as well as featuring Garth of Izar from the episode “Whom Gods Destroy”, a character that was held up as one of Starfleet’s greatest Captains and a childhood hero of James T Kirk himself. (more…)

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