Marvel’s Agent Carter Series 2

“Ready for another adventure, Ms Carter?”

Agent Carter

And finally, we’re back with Agent Peggy Carter. Last year’s first season proved to be one of the great highlights of the Marvel Universe’s output, with Hayley Atwell at last given the spotlight after the first Captain America movie and her one-shot DVD short. As such, Season Two has much to live up, and while these opening episodes hit the ground running, it also shows the show runners aren’t afraid to shake up the formula a little.

Warning: Contains mild spoilers for Agent Carter, Season Two, Episodes 1-4


Big Finish: Doctor Who Main Range – The Waters of Amsterdam

A trip to Amsterdam’s famous Rijkmuseum to see a new exhibition of Rembrandt van Rijn’s masterpieces surprises both the Doctor and Tegan with unexpected drawings of ‘Vessels of the Stars’ and old flames respectively.  Will the events of Tegan’s life during her year away from the Doctor prevent them from dealing with the strange creatures in the canals and the mysterious Countess?  Or Tegan’s life catching up with her  no mere coincidence?  Someone is playing a very long game and the world may never be the same again.

Big Finish Doctor Who Main Range 208 (more…)

Big Finish: Doctor Who Main Range – You are the Doctor

4 tales for the price of 1!

You Are the Doctor by John Dorney

The fate of the Doctor is in your hands as the Time Lord’s adventures have morphed into a choose-your-own-adventure encounter.  Chose wisely or choose death (again and again).

Big Finish Main Range 207 (more…)

The Flash 2×12 – Fast Lane

flash 2x12In many ways, this episode could almost have been dropped into the middle of season 1 without too much effort. Featuring a relatively low-tier villain (Tar Pit), it puts the episode’s focus onto the STAR Labs team and allows their interactions to come to the fore. With the team established halfway into their second year, this can often be the strongest part of the show. (more…)

This would have been… Fantastic! Storyboards showing the 9th Doctor in the 50th

A while back Moffat revealed that the War Doctor wasn’t originally in the 50th. His role instead would have been played by the 9th Doctor (Sadly things didn’t work out so we never got a return appearance from Christopher Eccleston).


But we do have a tiny tease about how it would have looked thanks to artist Andrew Wildman, who has released some of the storyboards.

img_0013-600x372 (more…)

The Flash 2×10 – Potential Energy

flash2x10Back after the Christmas break, and with Legends of Tomorrow finally launched, the show is now able to focus on its own story and arcs without the side trips to establish the characters and back story for the spin-off.

Big Finish – Torchwood 1.5: Uncanny Valley

Jack’s back! John Barrowman returns to the first series of BF Torchwood in this month’s Uncanny Valley, and expectations are high. We’ve circled Wales and Turkey and taken in the space of a few years, but with Jack back things must be coming to a – ahem – head, right?

BF TW 105 Uncanny Valley

Well, yes and no – in more than one sense. For in this penultimate episode, Jack is investigating an individual, uber-wealthy CEO Neil Redmond (Steven Cree) who has recently been returning to public life after a terrifying accident. But is his level of recovery surprising considering his injuries? While he speaks in St Petersburg, who is Jack watching in his secluded castle near Cardiff? And will we finally start to get answers about The Committee?


First the good news….

Well after months of silence we have official word that we are indeed getting Doctor Who in 2016, with the confirmation of the 2016 Christmas Special.

Steven Moffat

The Alert among you, or anyone who follows our twitter feed who read about it months ago, will have deduced that this means the Christmas special will sadly be all the Doctor Who we get (but expect the Doctor to turn up in other places to help with Doctor Withdrawal).  However there are some other positives to offset this less than fantastic news.

Firstly S10 will be Moffat’s last.  He’s been holding the reins for well over half a decade and he’s not quite done yet as he still needs to write, make and promote S10.  But with the end of one era we also get the start of something new with Chris Chibnall taking over as show runner.  The Broadchurch writer is a huge Doctor Who fan and has already written for the show.

As these rumors have been doing the rounds for a while (although other names were in and out the frame) it’s good that things are clear now.   We’re all hoping here that Peter Capaldi can be tempted to stay on to have a smooth transition that’s less abrupt than the complete shake up that S5 was (not that S5 was bad by any means).

But in the meantime thank you Mr Moffat, you are leaving a tough target for Chris Chibnall to hit but we’re sure he’s well capable of blowing a TARDIS sized hole right in the middle of it!  Geronimo!

Doctor Who Magazine #495

 Doctor Who Magazine #495

Doctor Who Magazine finds out what happens when River Song runs into the Eighth Doctor in the new audio series The Diary of River Song – and interviews both Paul McGann and Alex Kingston!

“River has to interact with the Eighth Doctor to save him, to help him,” explains Alex. “When she’s figured out how she can do that without having to be physically present in front of him, alongside helping him, she can then tease and flirt a little bit, because she knows she’s safe, and she knows she hasn’t overstepped a boundary, or changed his or her future in any way by that actual physical interaction. So she can then have fun! She’s in control.”

And what does the Eighth Doctor make of River?


Doctor Who Adventures #10



Doctor Who Adventures #10

It’s a new year and you can recover from the January blues with the latest edition of the greatest comic this side of the Medusa Cascade as Doctor Who Adventures #10 hits the shops on 7th January! (more…)

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