Big Finish: The 4th Doctor Adventures – The Paradox Planet

Music practice isn’t often stopped by something as unlikely as a near miss with a Time Tank  in the temporal vortex – but that’s not nearly as unlikely as what the Doctor and Romana find on Aoris: a world at time war with itself.  When the future attacks the past, surely it can’t end well for either side?  But the future time zone is desperate enough to fight for its own future, even if that means destroying it’s past – a past which may be more primitive, but is absolutely as dangerous in this war where history itself is the combat zone.  Can anyone win when winning means destroying your future or your past?  If anyone can help them, surely a Time Lord and Lady can…

The Paradox Planet
Let me start by saying ‘Argh another two parter! I wasn’t expecting that, even if it does end on a deliciously torturous cliff hanger…’

Big Finish – Torchwood 2.1: The Victorian Age

The twenty-first century is where everything changes – but Jack’s getting ready really really early…

BF TW 201 The Victorian Age

Lawks a lordy, Torchwood is back for a second series with Big Finish, and as the end of the nineteenth century nears Jack’s over at Torchwood London for a royal inspection. Unfortunately Torchwood is also due for a visit by an interstellar-ly initiated case of Murphy’s Law, and one that doesn’t stand on ceremony. One thing’s for sure – those are some serious mutton chops…



The Eighth Doctor: Doom Coalition 2

It’s always a happy day when a new Eighth Doctor download lands on the digital doormat, and Doom Coalition 2, his latest outing, does nothing to change that – except, perhaps, leave a question hanging on the aether…


The set opens with Nick Briggs’s Beachhead in which an attempt for a break at the seaside ends up with the fall-out from a mistake made by the Doctor in a previous life, and an altercation with a couple of miffed Voord. But why are the aliens there at all?


The Second War Doctor Box Set: Infernal Devices

If the star of the first Big Finish War Doctor box set, Only the Monstrous, is the War (don’t call me) Doctor, then the star of their second, Infernal Devices, is probably the Time War itself. And while that centre stage has been a long time coming – for, which of us hasn’t yearned for the true stories of the likes of the Nightmare Child and the Neverweres? – let me tell you, it’s been worth the wait.

infernal devices

The first box set had a job to do in creating an introduction to the War Doctor for those who didn’t know him, and generating greater depth to him for those of us who did. And that job the boxset, and specifically the non-Doctor’s portrayer, John Hurt, did very well. But it left a gap: what exactly was this thing, this Time War, that had caused that man to stray so far from the morals of those who shared his body if not his name? What induced the Machiavellia, and all the self-loathing? It can’t just be any old war; it must be something special. (more…)

Big Finish: Doctor Who Main Range – Acquitaine

On board the Aquitaine life follows a familiar pattern for Hargreaves, the computer consciousness that runs the ship and most of its android staff.  Water the plants, run the diagnostics, cook the Captain’s breakfast; then tidy the plates away, rotate the ship, clean the windows of the observation deck. When at last the day’s work is done, Hargreaves will dim the lights in the sleeping quarters.  But no one will eat the meals. Or comment on the strange fauna growing in the halls.  And tonight, like every other night, no one will sleep on the Aquitaine.  The only greater mystery on this strange ship is why poor Hargreaves’s todo list keeps getting longer no matter how hard he works.

Aquitaine (more…)

Big Finish: The 4th Doctor Adventures – The Labyrinth of Buda Castle

The Doctor and Romana’s holiday in Budapest isn’t going quite to plan.  The historic city is great, but the vampires, vampire hunters and ongoing violent attacks don’t lend themselves to a relaxing city break.

The labyrinth of Buda Castle

Will they help Celia find Dracula?  What does the nearby labyrinth of caves hide?  And what is the dastardly scheme of the maniacal Zoltan Frid?


The Skaro Review – Frankenstein (DVD/BluRay)


There’s something about the story of Victor Frankenstein and his creation that has endured particularly in film, which makes it somewhat ironic that several of the most recognised elements aren’t from Mary Shelley’s novel. Most notably, of course, the whole stitching of body parts, lightning and “It’s alive!” owe more to James Whale’s 1931 movie than Shelley’s writing.

Recently in particular the rate of Frankensteinian (yes it is a word!) films seems to have increased, and the first four months of 2016 alone are seeing three movies and a TV series released on UK DVD/BluRay – and that’s without including any rereleases (or Hotel Transylvania 2, because, well, just because!) – so it takes something a bit different to stand out.


Big Finish:The 4th Doctor Adventures – Wave of Destruction

Spies, DJs, modulated frequency wave cancellation signals: these are amongst the odder things awaiting the Doctor and Romana in 1960’s London. But perhaps the oddest is the cancellation signal’s inventor lying unconscious next to it…  so what links the Professor, a catchy radio jingle and the British Secret service?  Whatever it is, it’s connected to a risk far greater than they might have imagined, and a clandestine alien invasion. Can the Doctor defeat the Aliens? Can Romana survive a shopping trip? Can K-9 cope with his new job?

Dr Who - Wave of Destruction (more…)

Big Finish – Torchwood 1.6: More Than This

A second outing this season of BF-Torchwood for Gwen beckons, as she’s back in Cardiff (presumably) after the events of Forgotten Lives. Hope her diary is clear though as she’s in for a Manic Morning, not least of which involves arrangements relating to a new Hub. Forget The Committee, Torchwood must now face their greatest threat – a council planning department…BF TW 106 More Than This

Some of Torchwood‘s best TV episodes were when the story scaled right back to just a couple of characters, and More Than This fits right in as Planning Officer Roger Pugh (Richard Nichols) gets to experience first hand a particularly busy day in the life of Gwen Cooper. There will be speeding, decapifenestration (if that isn’t a word it ought to be!), art criticism and a choice of salad ingredient – but will the right health and safety forms be filled in correctly?


Marvel’s Agent Carter Series 2

“Ready for another adventure, Ms Carter?”

Agent Carter

And finally, we’re back with Agent Peggy Carter. Last year’s first season proved to be one of the great highlights of the Marvel Universe’s output, with Hayley Atwell at last given the spotlight after the first Captain America movie and her one-shot DVD short. As such, Season Two has much to live up, and while these opening episodes hit the ground running, it also shows the show runners aren’t afraid to shake up the formula a little.

Warning: Contains mild spoilers for Agent Carter, Season Two, Episodes 1-4


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