Doctor Who Blu-Ray Gift Set



Fantastic, Allons-y, Geronimo… Together In One Special Blue Box

Includes 120 Minutes of Bonus Material Available on Disc for the First Time

“Do you wanna come with me? ‘Cause if you do, then I should warn you, you’re gonna see all sorts of things. Ghosts from the past. Aliens from the future.

The day the Earth died in a ball of flame. It won’t be quiet, it won’t be safe and it won’t be calm. But I’ll tell you what it will be: the trip of a lifetime.”

–       The Ninth Doctor


Street Date: November 5, 2013

Suggested Retail Price: Blu-ray $349.98 ($399.98 in Canada)

Length: Approx. 4815 mins + bonus materials/ 29-disc set (BD)


DW Blu-Ray Gift Box Beauty-ShotNew York – September 4, 2013 – The only thing better than watching Doctor Who is watching it in high definition, which is why BBC Home Entertainment is celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary with the release of Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set on November 5, 2013. The set includes the complete adventures of the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston, Thor: The Dark World) and Tenth Doctor (David Tennant, Broadchurch, Fright Night), available in newly remastered Blu-ray versions at full 1080p resolution for the first time ever, sitting alongside those of the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) in this high definition collection. The Home Entertainment team has gone above and beyond to bring fans the best possible experience, and have also fully remastered the complete Tenth Doctor Specials as well as The Complete Fifth and Sixth Series (previously available on Blu-ray), to full 1080p resolution as well. Throw in the new Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series Blu-ray set along with hours and hours of bonus features from the past collections PLUS 120 minutes of bonus material that has never previously been available on disc, as well as more goodies than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at, and this is one blue box that just might actually be bigger on the inside.

And speaking of sonic screwdrivers…


“Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, ‘Ooh, this could be a little more sonic.’?”

–       Captain Jack Harkness


Any fan of Doctor Who will be glad to tell you that all screwdrivers could stand to be a bit more sonic. And that’s why we’ve included the original Doctor Who Universal Remote Control Sonic Screwdriver, a gesture-based remote control replica of the Eleventh Doctor’s trusty tool, in the Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set.  Crafted from real metals and featuring sound effects from the show, you can impress your friends when you turn on your television with a wave of your hand and feel like a Time Lord yourself.

With 29 blu-ray discs of episodes, specials and bonus features, plus the Universal Remote Control Sonic Screwdriver, 3 exclusive art cards and an exclusive comic book, this limited edition gift set will keep on giving for years to come.



Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set includes:


New to Blu-ray/ 1080p Resolution:


Doctor Who: The Complete First Series, starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper


Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series, starring David Tennant and Billie Piper


Doctor Who: The Complete Third Series, starring David Tennant and Freema Agyeman


Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate




Also included in1080p Resolution:


Doctor Who: The Complete Specials, starring David Tennant


Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series, starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan


Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series, starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill


Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series, starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and Jenna-Louise Coleman




Bonus Blu-ray disc includes:


·         “The Doctor Who Ultimate List of Lists” from BBC AMERICA’s The Brit List – BBC AMERICA’s pop culture correspondent, Asha Leo (@ashaleo), is joined by special guest John Barrowman (“Torchwood,” “Doctor Who”) to announce the rankings of the “Top Five Companions,” “Top Five Scariest Moments,” “Top Five Best Monsters,” “Top Five Guest Stars” and “Top Five Things You’ll Only See on Doctor Who.” Rankings are based on votes from readers of BBCAMERICA.com’s Anglophenia blog.

·         Doctor Who at the Proms 2010 – Doctor Who’s own Karen Gillen and Arthur Darvill host a spectacular evening of music from the series played live by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at London’s historic Royal Albert Hall.  Includes video projections, appearances by the monsters and a special guest appearance from 11th Doctor Matt Smith.  For the first time, the collection will include the full 90-minute concert and has been remastered in 5.1 Surround Sound.

·         Doctor Who: The Best of the Christmas Specials – This previously unreleased special from December 2011 takes an inside look at the very best moments from the incredible Doctor Who Christmas specials that have captivated audiences around the world. A collection of fans from the celebrity, comedy, sci-fi and digital worlds discuss their favorite moments from both David Tennant and Matt Smith era Christmas episodes.


Other additional items include:


·         The Doctor Who Universal Remote Control Sonic Screwdriver


·         3 exclusive original art cards


·         An exclusive Doctor Who comic book

The Great Missing Episode Hoax

The Great Missing Episode Hoax

By Eddie McGuigan

January, 2012. There was me happily going about my business. Missing Episodes was the furthest thing from my mind. Well, I mean, if someone asked me about them I’d shake my head sadly and go “I know, 106, what a bummer,” and carry on, lamenting for a moment or two that we’d never again see that Tibetan Temple. No more an Underground. Bit of a bugger really.

I’d never heard of the Missing Episodes Forum, or seen the threads on Gallifrey Base, and on Outpost Skaro it hadn’t even crossed my mind to start one. I knew, vaguely, that Ian Levine had discovered some in a cupboard somewhere, and shooed some guys with matches out of an archive room with a broom, or something, and was very grateful to him for doing that.

I also knew of the furore surrounding the return of Tomb of the Cybermen, and was a bit dismayed when the We Know Best brigade of “uberfans” then declared “Ah, it’s a bit shit, eh?” because I loved it! Still do. Debbie, Frazer and Pat are just sizzling.

But for actual knowledge of the Missing Episodes, I’m not ashamed to say I knew absolutely nothing. Not a jot. I mean, the series in general, the production, the actors, the stories and, dare I say it, spoilers, I knew a bit. And that bit has grown over the years, but Missing Episodes? Not my department, skill set, or, frankly, interest. All these names bandied around, alumni of the Restoration Team, heroes all, were completely unknown to me bar me seeing their names on the DVDs. If anyone had asked, I would of course, in all honesty, have said “Splendid chaps, they do a fabulous job,” and I’d’ve meant it. I still do. I don’t know enough about it to form anything other than that opinion. This type really isn’t my forte.

Then I got a PM on Outpost Skaro – “Alright there mate? What do you make of these missing episodes returned then?”… I hesitated. Really? Wow. A Tomb of the Cybermen moment! “Really?” I repled. “That’s fab! What where who?” And then I heard nothing for a fair few weeks. So I PMed back again. “So, these missing episodes then..?”

In the meantime, a project, which has to remain secret in this article but which will become all too apparent come November, gave me access to some other stuff. People were saying “Yeah, they’re loads of them!” and when I dug a bit, asked people I knew, everyone seemed to have heard the same thing.

Then it changed. Someone, somewhere, slammed a D Notice on it. “Yeah they exist,” I was told, “but don’t say anything.” Now, that’s weird. Why not, I thought? Why not shout it from the roof tops! This could be huge! It’s a social and cultural find, never mind the thought of us seeing some nifty camera work getting two Pat Troughtons in the same room at the same time. I couldn’t get an answer to why not, and I still can’t.

The rumour then went, I think the phrase is, thermonuclear. Viral. Bonkers. Mad as chips. Forum threads sprung up, people were harassed, libelled, harangued and spied on. Punters became experts, experts denied everything. But still, privately, my own “sources” (I hate that word, they’re friends goddamit!) were telling me “Yeah, it’s complicated big man, nothing can be said publicly, but they DO exist!” At first, it was a phantom “they” – how many, in what condition, and from where were all spectral willo-the-wisps. No one was saying anything. I mean, plenty of people were saying “things” but no one, really, was saying anything. New “experts” grew from the ashes of trolls. Some people saw it as a way to make a mark on “Fandom”, massaging egos regardless of consequences. Some held court like The Scarecrow in The Dark Knight Rises – little people who found a route to be Big. But no one, really, said anything. Everyone had “sources”. Like, literally, everyone. My three year old granddaughter even has a source. But, with all the “oh we know, but we can’t say” going on, which, admittedly, we’ve been guilty of too, it allowed a load of people, the Know Nowts (of which I’m a member!) to make huge statements without quantifying them.

SO, what do I know, for sure? Honestly, nothing. Not for sure. Well, I know that Big Names, the Should Knows, are all denying it, in public, carefully. RT members, ME forum mods, Gallifrey Base Big Wigs, DWM editors. Actors are staying resolutely quiet on the subject. Everyone is very careful what they say and how they say it. Even the BBC PR unit has issued a very short and inconclusive statement when it could have put the whole thing to bed in an instant.

Personally, I’ve been told the following: Three full stories have been returned, proof of others exists, and negotiations are underway. Some people have seen these stories. Negotiations are… protracted. And could take ages. Or could be over! One day I’m told it’ll be ages until an announcement, if at all, others it’s very close… so close, you can feel its fire!

Have I seen these episodes myself? No. Are the people who are telling me about them trustworthy? Absolutely. But, then, so are the people denying it. Could the people telling me about them be being duped as well? Without a doubt. Is this a Hoax?

My head tells me that 90 odd episodes discovered in Africa by Indiana Jones is ridiculous. I mean, think about it. Absolutely ridiculous. My HEART tells me the people with whom I’ve talked are genuine, trustworthy and earnest in their belief that what they’ve been told is true. So if it IS a hoax, it goes right to the Big Shiny Gates of Roath Lock, and even within those hallowed halls people are saying “It IS true, isn’t it?”

So is the truth, perhaps, somewhere in between? Could anything have been discovered? Is it possible? Now, we’ve heard until recently that The Feast of Steven is lost forever. I don’t know the technicalities (really, really not my area of expertise), but for whatever reason it’s impossible that it’s been saved from a junking. Now I hear this might not be the case, that it COULD really have been saved. FOUND is a different thing, but the POSSIBILITY exists.

At Outpost Skaro we simply report the news as we’re given it. Sometimes the “spoilers” (which is what we usually do!) pay off. More often than not. Sometimes, they don’t. That’s usually because we get them so early things change. Sometimes, it’s just that they don’t. But Missing Episodes is quite something else. You’d be shocked to know the people in the Whoniverse who actually believe they’ve been found, and who are telling us this.

Until they are shown to us though, we can’t make a specific announcement. We can’t categorically tell you that Missing Episodes have been recovered. We are pushing for a statement, we really are. Our statement people are basically ignoring us though. Not a peep. We’re also pushing for a picture – something that can’t be a telesnap, taken from a tv maybe! We’ve been told some have already been transferred to DVD, but whether this is true, likely, possible or standard procedure I have no idea.

The only reason I can think of for anyone to lie about the recovery – and lies are very different from saying “I don’t know” – is that they might think there is a chance that, even though they are recovered, they might never be made public. The backlash of that scenario would be awful. Imagine some Big Fans having found a haul, and then between them and the Beeb blowing the negotiation so they actually ARE trashed, or, perhaps worse, hoarded. Goodness knows why anyone would want to do that.

I personally don’t think anyone is lying about anything. Despite some nippy replies, posts and tweets, which to be fair we can put down to exasperation (our own Tame Spoiler Hound, Other Dave, has been known to snarl at the ankle biting puppies of Twitterdom!), I don’t think anyone is actively lying. Are they out a loop? Do they just not know? Are THEY in turn being lied to? Or are they, shock of shock, telling the truth? Is this a lie, a hoax, which has got so out of hand it’s created its own meme?

With the fiftieth anniversary – and a huge, sold out Convention – coming up, it would be the ideal time to announce this amazing could-be find. Or, indeed, put it to bed once and for all.

It’s either the biggest find of the Century, or the Biggest Who Hoax in History.

Time will tell, she always does.


Tenth Planet Ep4 Script Discovery

Well sort of.
Michael Seely, author of the forthcoming biography of Dr Kit Pedler ‘The Quest for Pedler’ has unearthed something previously unseen since 1966: Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis’ original draft script for the Doctor Who story ‘The Tenth Planet’, unusual because it predates the decision to write out actor William Hartnell. And that’s not all he’s found.
“I found this script and two more from ‘The Moonbase’ (known then as ‘The Return of the Cybermen’) among a very large collection of Kit’s papers which one of his children had kept in their attic. As I looked through it, I realised it was the first draft Gerry Davis prepared when Kit fell ill in June 1966.“ says Michael Seely.
“The structure is more or less the same, though a lot of the dialogue is different. Some things were cut, especially involving the Cybermen. For example, the Cybermen planned to convert Polly and the Doctor into Cybermen towards the end of the story, and kept them prisoner in what they described as a waiting room. The most eye catching difference is what didn’t happen at the end of the episode.“
The relevance of this early draft, and the date it was prepared goes some way to illustrating the hasty nature of Hartnell’s departure: “Gerry Davis and Innes Lloyd were always very diplomatic and tactful in their interviews. Both died in 1991, long before ‘warts and all’ interviews became the norm. We know that William Hartnell was being persuaded to give up the role he loved over the summer of 1966, and that they were sounding out replacements. He only decided to leave in the middle of July, the month after this draft was written.”
Michael Seely is no stranger to the work of Dr Kit Pedler, he has previously written two books (‘Prophets of Doom’ and ‘Deadly Dangerous Tomorrow’ – both available from Miwk Publishing) on the subject of Doomwatch and there’s something here for Doomwatch fans too: “Doomwatch fans will be interested to learn that over five original story lines were among Kit’s papers, including several that did not get made. One of these was responsible for the BBC removing Kit’s influence over the programme he and Gerry created as a warning over unchecked science and technology. There were a couple of radio plays too, which had been known about but remained a bit of a mystery since they were not made. Unfinished books and short stories, and proposals for television series. Environmentalists, though Kit
did not consider himself to be one, and students of the 1970s environmental movement, will be pleased to learn that a lot of his writings, lectures and scripts for TV and radio, also exist within this collection.”
Michael’s biography of Kit Pedler will be released in early 2014 by Miwk Publishing. Authorised by his family and produced with their assistance, the book will tell the full story of Dr C.M.H. Pedler, MB. BS., Ph.D, M.C. Path. A research scientist well known to Doctor Who fans as the co-creator of the Cybermen, but in reality a leading activist and campaigner for more sociably responsible and sustainable scientific research and understanding.
Pedler’s role in Doctor Who is also clarified: “He was not a scientific advisor. Kit wasn’t there to throw in the science, or vet scripts for their accuracy. He was there to give plausible science fiction ideas, which Lloyd and Davis had no clue about.
“He argued that we were conditioned to accept whatever science had to offer us as automatically a good thing, and not to enquire deeper. He used to describe himself as a ‘defrocked scientist.’ His words are still true today.”
‘The Quest for Pedler’ – By Michael Seely

Ronnie Corbett

Slightly off topic, but here’s an interview with a TV legend…

Ahead of his brand-new BBC One primetime series, Ronnie’s Animal Crackers, Ronnie Corbett talks exclusively about just how potty the British public are about their pets. 

A life-long dog owner himself, Ronnie shares the Great British passion for animals. He takes viewers into a colourful, entertaining – and sometimes downright bizarre world – where pet owners and breeders put their beloved animals centre stage and are proud to show why their animals are the very best.

Ronnie’s Animal Crackers will show the extreme lengths we go to for our pets; the time, the money, not to mention the love. Amongst many, we’ll meet a champion breeder of Persian cats, who makes a stand against the cat show establishment; a pigeon racer whose winning bird is worth upwards of £70,000; the two leading contenders for the crown of Britain’s best creative dog groomer; and Ronnie himself puts a professional ‘pet psychic’ to the test.

The series will also chart the progress of Ronnie’s new rescue dog, Baz. Baz seems to have been ill-treated in the past and remains very troubled. Although he’s bonded with Ronnie’s wife Anne, Ronnie is heartbroken that Baz seems fearful of him. We follow Ronnie on his journey with Baz as he tries to get to the bottom of his behaviour; and it’s a journey that has a surprising conclusion.

The series is produced by Plum Pictures for the BBC. Plum Pictures executive producers are Will Daws and Stuart Cabb; the series producer is Mark Jones; the BBC commissioning editor is Alison Kirkhamand and BBC commissioning executive is Tom Edwards.



Could you start by telling us a bit about the show and your involvement?


The programme is a various mix of things. It basically features me, along with breeders of stock of various sorts: ponies, dogs, cattle and cats. It is hinged a little bit around the fact that, before I started the programme, we had taken on, as a family, a rescue dog from home quite near us. He features largely in the programme. He adores my wife and sort of likes me, in a dismissive sort of way when he has nothing better to do! But he is lovely.


How has Baz settled in?


He was maltreated in his young days and so he’s frightened by hoovers and brushes, so he hates anything threatening like that. But he is adorable, and we have had the best time with him. I’m also very lucky to have a facility for going out in the evening with a golfing cart with my wife and he comes with us. He trots all over the place, has a great bit of exercise and a long run. He has a lovely life and enjoys it tremendously!


Any stories to report?


Early on in his stay with us down south – in fact, on the very first day we had him home – it was about half past eight in the morning and we let him in our garden, which is well fenced. After about an hour and a half we thought we had completely lost him! And there were two golf courses between him and where he might have been. Someone came around to check our fences on behalf of the rescue centre and he was checking that whilst we were panicking and meeting people up at the golf course headquarters. But two and a half hours after he had disappeared the man checking our fences said ‘there’s a dog here you know’. And there he was, hiding in the rhododendron bush by the fence. He had tried to run away straight away. But he has got over that and he’s much more confident now.


There are some interesting techniques, throughout the series, such as dog yoga, that owners of pets use to try and change the behaviour of their pets. Have you tried anything like this with Baz?


We haven’t experienced that with Baz! But we did have a lady trainer come in. He gets a lot of love and tickling from me! He is getting slowly better. I’ve got a room upstairs where I do most of my bits of pieces and writing and he just about comes upstairs now and stays for a minute or two before he comes back down again. He has come on a tremendous amount.


What made you want to get involved with the programme in general?


I have had a life-long connection with animals. Throughout my career, even before I was quite well known, I always had a dog with me. I do love dogs, but also animals in general. I come from The Lothians and Edinburgh and they’re all very ‘farmy’ up there! Also, before I went in to the air force to do my national service – this goes back a long way! – I worked in the Department of Agriculture in Scotland, so animals have been quite near me a lot of my life.


The programme sets out to show just how potty the Great British public is about pets – what’s been the most bizarre thing you saw?


Probably the most bizarre thing I came across was seeing two ladies grooming standard poodles – in a very over the top way! But they loved doing it and the poodle seemed to like looking like that! But I’ve not seen anything as bizarre as that!


How potty are we about our pets? What is it that we love so much about animals?


In a way, because it’s such a small country, wherever we live, we are all quite near the countryside: farms, pets, sheep and cattle. You can’t get away from that part of the British Isles. So I think we’re all imbued in that interest in animals.


Is he your only pet – or do you have other animals?


We had cats in the past – a lot of cats, and dogs. We mainly always have a dog. Baz is my only pet at the moment.


What was the first pet you ever had and why was he/she so special to you?


My first pet at home in Edinburgh was a dog my dad had called Glen. He was a small sheep dog and went with my dad every day to work. My dad managed a cooking centre which cooked the children’s lunches for schools in the Lothian. Glen used to sit down in the boiler room sleeping all day and then they would walk back. On Sundays he walked with the family. We walked right across the Braid Hills from one side to the other after church every Sunday.

Big Finish – The Companion Chronicles: Mastermind

The Vault, UNIT’s secret archive of alien artefacts, securely stored deep beneath the Angel of the North. But it’s not just confiscated kit that lies inside. Hidden in the dark is an extraterrestrial know only as “The Master”. He’s been on Earth for some time but now he’s under lock and key. This is his story. Or, as Captain Ruth Matheson and Warrant Officer Charlie Sato discover… perhaps it is theirs.


Starting series 8 of the Companion Chronicles we have an unusual twist on the normal format as, for the first time, the star of the show is also its villain. But then the Master is no ordinary villain. As this is the Beevers Master he’s a bit worse for wear: critically injured he is dependent on UNIT’s life support to keep his withered body alive. Separated from his TARDIS he’s been trapped on Earth for a long time, unable to escape and reduced to a life of crime.

It’s nice to finally see a companion chronicle focus on a villain. Jonathan Morris has the tricky task of making the Master sympathetic but in a way that does not declaw the monster. I think he succeeds and the result is a story that really lets Geoffrey Beevers throw himself into his take on the errant Time Lord. It never gets hammed up and the Master gets to play a wider range of emotions than normal.

Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso, who both co-starred in the 90’s TV movie, play two UNIT staff members sent in to negotiate with the Master. They want to trade the Masters assistance, as a scientific advisor, for rewards to make his imprisonment more bearable. The pair work well together and they provide two very different characters, each of which gets to interact individually with the Master. The dynamic works well and I hope we see the pair of them in more Big Finish stories.

The tale allows a much longer timescale than we normally get for the Master and it shows him living on Earth for several decades. The changes in time provide different opportunities for the Master but they also allow the story to explore different places and times.

It’s a very enjoyable play and, as something a bit different, it is highly recommended.

Written By: Jonathan Morris
Directed By: Ken Bentley
Geoffrey Beevers (The Master), Daphne Ashbrook (Ruth Matheson), Yee Jee Tso (Charlie Sato)

Rise of the Fangirl

Rise of the Fangirl

A couple of weeks ago, Outpost Skaro got into a bit of trouble from certain members of the Twitteratti by having a pop at what we described as “Fangirls”. We laughed a little about the fact that certain folks on You Tube were going a bit hysterical at the appointment of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. We thought it was funny that these girls, primarily part of the Doctor Who community because they like David Tennant’s bum in a suit, were horrified that the Doctor dare to be, well, the age he usually is, give or take.


Some people have said we were sexist, one person called us a c***, amongst other things, and even female writers, as well as a few right on men, gave us a stern ticking off. Some became a bit stereotypical and hysterical. Which was ironic.


But I thought it was maybe a good idea to write an article about the empowering of the word “Fangirl”, because, to us old wrinkly, hardcore pipe and slippers brigade from Old School Who, fangirl was, we thought, an accepted derogatory term. Oh how we were wrong.


Now, we apologised for that, almost at once, when it was pointed out that many decent fans who were girls considered themselves “fangirls” – a name which it seems has perhaps evolved along with its sexless cousin “the geek” to be a badge of honour, rather than an insult. But still, it seems, some people were very keen to see the initial tweet, but not so keen to follow up the explanation! This included writers, who, to us, were jumping on a right on bandwagon rather than making a specific point.


It’s a curious word, Fangirl, and it’s an unusual one to throw the sexist card at, whatever its definition, because, by its very nature, it’s exclusive, selective, agist and sexist. It demands that, by its own existence, the party wearing the moniker is of a certain age, of a certain sex, of a certain demeanour. It excludes immediately old school male fans, the ones who claim, perhaps with some justification, to have stuck with Doctor Who through thick and thin.


We weren’t of course talking about Fangirls, not in this new, post modern, existential definition of the word, because these girls (women? Ladies?) breath a new life, a freshness and are, let’s be honest, who Russell T Davies targeted the series at when it returned. He knew the boys would come, but he needed the girls. And they came in droves, and then some.


Whether they came because they liked David’s bum in a suit, or Matt’s geek chique doesn’t really matter, they’ve come, they’ve seen the majesty of this programme we have loved for so long and they’ve embraced it with their fezzes and bow ties. Good for them. Who are we to criticise that? We’ve been banging on for decades about how good this programme of ours is, so why the heck would be complain when people actual begin to take notice?


What we were talking about, and mistakenly called Fangirls, were some of the over the top reactions from, well, intense young ladies, on the appointment of Peter. For us, we just shrugged or went “Yay!” and never thought it was a bad thing, but some just didn’t get it. We were criticising the type of “young female fan” who says things like “I’ve never seen anything before David Tennant but…” and then go on to give us a very detailed opinion on the series. That’s like jumping straight to the pudding but criticising the soup. It’s an uninformed opinion. We had one girl very sternly criticise us for using the shortened “Dr Who” on Twitter (we used it because we were running out of characters) only to tweet next these immortal words when we mentioned “Bill” Hartnell: “There hasn’t been a Dr called Bill”… which beggars belief! We had another ask us, in all seriousness “Who’s Sean Pertwee? Is he anything to Fourth Doc John?” and, worse than ever, we had a girl on our forum who said, with cold and steely certainty, that she would have preferred David Tennant had announced he had a terminal illness and “would be dead by Christmas, because I can’t stand the thought of him being out there and not the Doctor”.


Now, I suppose we are all guilty of some excesses whilst supporting the series, but these are extremes, but nonetheless we saw these and the screaming and wailing on You Tube at Peter (who was greeted with such delights as “a fucking old perv” “a creepy paedo” and “who the fuck is that!?”), so we thought we’d poke a bit of fun at that extreme.


To say we’re picking on minorities or policing fandom is nonsense. It was, if anything, a misunderstanding of an evolved word, for which we apologised, but folks, as I said earlier, have conveniently ignored the explanation for a quick shaking of the placards. Even this week we were targeted unfairly for poking fun of ourselves by another couple of writers who really should know better. But we weren’t the only ones. SFX was splashed with the sexist eggs when one of their critics was misquoted by a female author simply bristling for a fight, so we’re in good company.


So, for the record, we don’t get a say or want a say in who watches or loves Doctor Who, nor would we want to, or, to be fair, care. We do have a right to comment on fandoms excesses though, especially if they’re aimed at us, but it’s probably good to remember Peter Capaldi’s message to the fans when he was first announced as the Doctor…


“Doctor Who belongs to us all…” he said. And who are we to argue with the Doctor?

Neil Cross returning for Series 8

As we reported a while back Luther creator Neil Cross is returning for Series 8.  We’re hoping the story he does for Capaldi’s doctor is more “Hide” than “The Rings of Akhaten”.

Neil Cross

Read more here


Google to the Inside of the TARDIS…and a Dalek!

 I was then alerted to a similar link that’s well worth a look. @StreetVisit on Twitter showed me a link to a Google street view that’s been created that takes you inside a Dalek prop.  While a bit less glamorous inside than the TARDIS, its an interesting look inside a Dalek that not many of us get.

Aspire 2 Achieve – Charity TARDIS Kickstarter

We big fans of people who go above and beyond for charity here at Outpost Skaro.  The kickstarter campaign by Aspire 2 Achieve is one that we are proud to support.  He is Alan Hoyle to tell you about them and what they are trying to achieve.

Aspire 2 Achieve


My name is Alan Hoyle, I am the co-founder of Aspire 2 Achieve.
Aspire 2 Achieve is a Northumberland based organisation whose prime purpose is to raise the awareness, confidence and productivity of youths in the North East area via the medium of sport and other various fun and challenging activities.

The aim of our organisation is to build self confidence, concentration and self-esteem in young people through the medium of our activities.

Last year I was lucky enough to have been chosen to run with the Olympic Torch in my home region, the response and experience was amazing.
I spent the next 12 months traveling the United Kingdom with the Olympic Torch raising money for various charities, along with visiting terminally ill children who’s wish it was to see the Olympic Torch.

Traveling with the Torch, along with the community work which we do on a daily basis, has allowed me to meet and work along side some amazing people of all ages, from speaking to people on my journey, just about everybody wished to have their photograph taken next to the TARDIS, from young to elderly, the TARDIS is a timeless icon which links generations together.

We have set up a Kickstarter to try and raise £900 to build our own TARDIS which we will then take around the United Kingdom, visiting hospitals, hospices, children’s homes, along with schools and local town events.


In November we aim to have the TARDIS at a local fire works display, since the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who falls around the same time, we have already secured a group of Daleks to come along to the events, we have Tenth and Eleventh Doctors lookalikes coming along, and aim to get some Ride In Daleks for the Children to drive around (weather permitting), all we need is the TARDIS itself!

We have also been asked to run a special Dr Who 50th Anniversary event on the actual date in Northumberland, it would be amazing to have our own TARDIS at this event.

The TARDIS, which will be complete with electric lights and sounds, will be constructed by a group of young people whom we teach Sport and Video Games Design to, whilst a local craft company will be on hand to help out with the construction.
Our design and size will be built to scale with the current TARDIS exterior. We have planned for our design to easily be folded into small sections to allow easy transport around the United Kingdom.
We already have the trailer to transport our TARDIS, and our compact design will allow us to transport it around with ease. The electrics will also feature an infra-red control sensor which will be controlled by a Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control, so all the lights, sounds and smoke machine can be controlled with the ‘Sonic’.

A local artist, who does 3D street art, will paint an inner board which, when the doors are open, give the illusion that it is actually bigger on the inside.
We have spent months researching the TARDIS and various TARDIS building guides to ensure our build is of the highest quality, with a local sign maker creating all the signs required with high quality aluminum, the ‘Police Public Call Box’ signs will feature translucent text for illumination.

We also plan to provide young people at each event with Doctor Who themed ‘goody bag’ including Dalek, TARDIS, Cybermen, K-9 and Sontaran shaped biscuits, cakes and chocolates. (subject to allergies and parents permission).

Years ago, my Grandfather and great Grandfather ran Martino’s Ice Creams in our local town, even today, people still talk about it. Along with the chocolates and cakes, we will take Ice Cream, made from our families top secret recipe, along to the Spring and Summer events which will introduce a whole new generation to some real local history.

Please help us reach our goal of creating our TARDIS which will being joy to thousands of young people around the UK, and give us another tool to raise even more money for the amazing charities who work tirelessly with serious ill children and young people who face problems every single day, thank you.

The link to our Kickstarter is : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/717193571/build-a-tardis-to-fly-through-space-an-i-mean-the thanks for your time.

Introducing… Other Dave: Our Tame Spoiler Hound


eddie mcguigan doctor who

Outpost Skaro are delighted to announce the newest and most enigmatic member of our team – please say hello to Other Dave.

eddie mcguigan doctor who

Other Dave is our SOURCE. He’s at the heart of all our spoilers, information and rumours. He’s the Outpost Skaro version to Top Gear’s Stig.

Like the Stig, Other Dave is shrouded in mystery…

Some say he bleeds artron energy, and that if you hold him upside down his visor plays episode one of Underwater Menace…

eddie mcguigan doctor who

Some say his fingers are hydraulic, and he once spent time in jail in Canterbury for calling his stuffed teddy bear, the Baby Jesus…

All we know, is that he’s called Other Dave.

More on Dave to come, but please say hello to him. 

Other Dave is now in charge of our FACEBOOK and TWITTER feeds. He may be unpredictable, contentious and downright odd occasionally too. 

eddie mcguigan doctor who

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