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The Flash 1×05 – Plastique

flash1x05“My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive”

Viewers of the Flash’s progenitor show “Arrow” will be familiar with this style of episode intros – a technique that works well to sum up the key premise of the show in a few sentences.

Whilst we’re unlikely to get actual Superman and Batman tv shows for the time being (Gotham notwithstanding), if you think of Arrow as the Batman analogue (dark, brooding, violent), Flash is very much the Superman equivalent (bright, optimistic, helpful). This carries through both in terms of the stories and the styles – Arrow is predominantly set at night, whereas the majority of Flash action takes place during the day. (more…)

The Walking Dead 05×07 – Crossed

After last weeks ending you might be forgiven for thinking that this week would be an intense rescue mission. And you’d be partly right, as that’s one of the threads making up this weeks episode and it’s action packed. But rather than let some of the other plot lines dangle this episode is happy to keep jumping about several different stories. While it means the rescue mission with the hospital is going to play out over a number of episodes it does let us spend some time with some characters that have been a little neglected of late.

The Walking Dead

American Horror Story: Freak Show – Episodes 1-6

I have to open with a confession – up until I started watching this fourth season of American Horror Story a couple of days ago, I hadn’t managed to watch any of the series at all. A fan of the genre and the concept of a series that could deal with completely different types of horror from year to year, I’ve been keeping spoiler-free too so was going in entirely cold. And I have to say, first impressions have been very good!



The Walking Dead – 05×06 – Consumed

Ah Carol. Way back in series 1 she seemed like zombie bait, just a matter of time. But how she’s changed. Other than Rick is there anyone tougher on the show? I think not. This episode is about trying to find Beth, with a trip into the city to search for her, but the focus is on Carol. We find out what happened to her after she was cast out from the Prison and a little of her past. The title of this episode refers to things that are consuming her personally, the most obvious being trying to deal with what happened with the girls last year. But there are a lot of such nods to a things that stretch all the way back to her killings at the prison.

The Walking Dead (more…)

Gotham 01×06 – Spirit of the Goat


Episode 6 – Spirit of the Goat

Reviewed by Alan

Gotham Harvey BullockThis week, Jim Gordon’s cynical partner Harvey Bullock finds a ghost from his past revisiting Gotham, and meanwhile the secrets Jim’s keeping continue to threaten him.

Harvey Bullock has long been a fan-favourite character in the Batman universe, and he’s been a constant presence in the show so far.  The counter-point to Gordon’s hope and heroism.  The cop who just wants Jim to get with the program.

So episode 6 finally allows him to get some of the focus that’s been consistently elsewhere throughout this first run of episodes.  When the Spirit of the Goat, a serial killer of Gotham’s rich elite, resurfaces after being shot dead by Harvey 10 years previously, Harvey’s forced to confront some of those old demons, allowing Jim a glimpse that there’s more to Bullock than he’s seen to this point. (more…)

Atlantis Series 2 – “A New Dawn: Part One”

It’s a solemn start to series 2 of Atlantis, opening in the middle of a funeral is about as bleak a start as i can imagine. After a long run of much Darker Doctor Who I’m begging to wonder if Goths have sneaked into senior management at the BBC. And this darker tone continues throughout with a lot of bloody battles, betrayal, monsters and an intense set piece of a city being ransacked.



It’s a bit of a departure from last year but for me at least it’s made this year must watch TV. There is one brief nod to last years lighter tone with an unorthodox escape into the sea mid episode, but this is the exception rather than the rule.


The Skaro Review: Gotham 01×05 – Viper


Episode 5 – Viper

Reviewed by Alan

Gotham Bruce WayneThe impact of last week’s events comes into focus this week, as the turf war between Marone and Falcone intensifies, and meanwhile a new designer drug, Viper is flooding the streets.  But how does it link back to Wayne Enterprises?

Last week I commented on how the main plot of the episode, involving the Arkham development, worked well to bring Bruce and Alfred more meaningfully into the story.   That’s a trend that’s continued this week in force, with David Mazouz’s Bruce showing an obsession with the deal, and how his parents’ company could’ve allowed it to happen.   While only 13, Mazouz does a brilliant job of bringing a lot of Batman into the role in a convincing way.  This Bruce already displays the drive, intellect and detective skills that will come to serve him well, culminating in a fun scene with a middle manager talking down to him.   (more…)

The Skaro Review Death In Heaven Reviewed by Eddie McGuigan

The Skaro Review

Death In Heaven

Reviewed by Eddie McGuigan


 Death in Heaven

In part one of the finale, the theme was death and the afterlife, and this is taken to the nth degree here with the Master’s evil machinations in full flight… although her actual motives are not what you think. A CyberArmy is released on the world… and the world takes selfies. “We have to warn everyone!” UNIT cries “The world just went weee…,” the Doctor informs it.


So with the dead rising in newly upgraded bodies, much to Seb’s glee, and the Master’s plan unfolding, we find out more about the afterlife in general and the beliefs in it through out Man’s history. “She’s a Time Lord. She must have a TARDIS somewhere… so a LONG time…” the Doctor tells Kate. (more…)

The Skaro Review: Dark Water, Reviewed by Eddie McGuigan

Dark Water

Reviewed by Eddie McGuigan

Clara needs the Doctor, but the Doctor is busy. When they DO meet, it’s Volcano Day!

Doctor & Missy

Dark Water is a sprawling, epic, head spinning finale episode that starts to pull in all the parts of the series to date and, more than anything takes a Doctor and a companion and gets them adventuring.

It’s very good to see the Doctor and Clara in a situation like this, landing the TARDIS with no control and investigating. It doesn’t happen near enough.

But there is much more to this episode than that. It begins with the most gritty, realistic piece of drama you will ever have seen in Doctor Who and it will jar you as much with its eyewatering reality as any magical forest did with its fairytale nonsense. This realism continues with some crystal clear flashbacks to Danny Pink’s time in the army and the realisation of what exactly he did when he was there. And it continues further with Clara’s reaction to events which are raw, real, desperate and sore. (more…)

The Skaro Review: Gotham 01×04 – Arkham


Episode 4 – Arkham

Reviewed by Alan


There’s no doubt Gotham’s fourth episode comes with a title that’ll provoke some interest from the fans.  There are few places in Gotham as iconic as the Asylum, so its nice to see it appearing prominently in this series.

While we’re only on episode 4, its nice to see a tweak in the format of the show slightly, to keep things from getting too stale.  While there’s still a separate A-plot of the week, and the ongoing storylines carry on alongside it, this week that A-plot has much larger consequences playing into the ongoing storyline. (more…)

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