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Red Dwarf, Series 12, Episode 1: Cured

It seems rather amazing that a show I first watched nearly 30 years ago is still going.   More amazing still is that despite the age it’s still very much the show it was; despite some very shaky seasons it’s recovered its heart and soul.  It’s unlikely to ever hit the heights of the show at its prime but last season was a lot of fun and this first episode of S12 looks like more of the same.

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Cured feels a little like a homage to some past episodes. It’s not the most original of setups with a research base and an excuse of humanoid characters for the crew to engage with. But the idea is nicely played out and the historical cameos allow some nice set pieces.  Layered onto this light entertainment is a more nuanced subtext about the nature of evil; a bit deeper than most episodes involving the boys from the dwarf.

Possibly the best thing about the episode is a strong Cat episode; with Danny John Jules being allow to steal the show; many, many times.  Anyone who’s ever thought cats were evil will not be surprised by some of the twists in this episode but no matter what your feelings are about feline friends these will make you laugh.



Red Dwarf XI – Episode 2: Samsara

At face value this sounds like a standard style Red Dwarf tale: an escape pod and message leads to a crashed ship, the eponymous Samsara, in which the crew get split up and find themselves in mortal danger.  So far, so jolly fine.

Red Dwarf XI

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead!


Red Dwarf XI- Episode One: Twentica

The boys from the Dwarf are back.  The galaxies most dysfunctional crew might be older but they’re no wiser and no less likely to get into trouble.
Red Dwarf XI

Once again the crew find themselves sent back in time to Nineteen Twenties America but in this past technology has been outlawed (not good news when half your crew depends on it).  They’re only hope is to infiltrate a tech savvy, top secret, underground group and find a way to bring down the the authoritarian regime.


Marvel’s Agent Carter Series 2

“Ready for another adventure, Ms Carter?”

Agent Carter

And finally, we’re back with Agent Peggy Carter. Last year’s first season proved to be one of the great highlights of the Marvel Universe’s output, with Hayley Atwell at last given the spotlight after the first Captain America movie and her one-shot DVD short. As such, Season Two has much to live up, and while these opening episodes hit the ground running, it also shows the show runners aren’t afraid to shake up the formula a little.

Warning: Contains mild spoilers for Agent Carter, Season Two, Episodes 1-4


The Flash 2×12 – Fast Lane

flash 2x12In many ways, this episode could almost have been dropped into the middle of season 1 without too much effort. Featuring a relatively low-tier villain (Tar Pit), it puts the episode’s focus onto the STAR Labs team and allows their interactions to come to the fore. With the team established halfway into their second year, this can often be the strongest part of the show. (more…)

The Flash 2×10 – Potential Energy

flash2x10Back after the Christmas break, and with Legends of Tomorrow finally launched, the show is now able to focus on its own story and arcs without the side trips to establish the characters and back story for the spin-off.

The Flash 2×09 – Running to Stand Still

flash2x09After last week’s two-part pseudo Justice League crossover with Arrow, we’re briefly back with the home team again before the mid-season break, in an episode which echoes back to the days of the Batman TV show with a good old multi-villain team-up. (more…)

The Flash 2×08 – Legends of Today – Arrow 4×08 – Legends of Yesterday

flasharrow1With titles like these, it’s no great surprise that the now-traditional mid-season crossover story is being used to launch the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series. What is perhaps more surprising, is that whilst it feels more like the sort of 1970s Giant crossover story that used to appear in the summer before comics invented ‘Events’, this two-parter feels like it’s working within the ongoing plots of the respective shows, rather than taking a step away for the duration.

The Flash 2×07 – Gorilla Warfare

groddIn the very first episode, we were teased with the appearance of a mangled cage sporting the name Grodd. Whilst comic fans would instantly recognise this as Gorilla Grodd, it seemed unlikely that a show from the same stable as the gritty and fairly grounded Arrow would go so far as to actually feature a giant talking psychic genius gorilla.

Of course, as we now know, they did.

After that appearance, it’s no surprise that it was just a matter of time before we got a return appearance from the lonely gorilla. This time round, Grodd is using his mind control ability to obtain chemicals he can use to increase the intelligence of other gorillas and give him some others of his kind to hang out with.

The Flash 2×06 – Enter Zoom

flash2x06With Zoom seemingly intent on sending a stream of metahumans over from Earth 2 to kill the Flash, Barry is keen to leverage the captured Dr Light to lure Zoom to Earth 1, on the basis that the longer it goes on, the more likely someone will get hurt.

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