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Eaglemoss: The Walking Dead and Marvel Cinematic Universe
By Eddie McGuigan

characters-1The Eaglemoss range is famous for the detailed and highly collectable model partwork magazines, and their newest ranges are no departure from the quality you’d expect from the people who are bringing us a fantastic Doctor Who and Star Trek range.

originalTheir The Walking Dead range doesn’t mess around making you wait for stars of the show with Rick, Daryl and Michone being in the first wave of figurines. Each is fabulously detailed, not just in likeness but in stature – particularly impressive is the way the sSTK683612__25666_1434661664_1280_1280culpt has captured Rick Grime’s unusual, lazy way of holding a gun, or Daryl’s hunched, predatory stance with a crossbow. Michone is, as her character, elegant and beautiful, and each comes on a base which in itself is a work of art, decorated in gory relief with zombies and the remnants of the dead. Completing the first four figures is David Morrisey’s The Governor, STK683611__23151_1434661155_1280_1280resplendent in eye patch with a manic look upon his face. As with their Doctor Who and Star Trek ranges, Eaglemoss have gone all out on detail and these are meticulous and very collectable.

a1A new range featuring the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is available too, the first of which, again, doesn’t make you wait on a star, with Robert Downey Junior’s Tony Stark, aka, Iron Man standing tall in detailed red and yellow livery with his faceplate missing showing the character’s human face, again, the
detailing with the expression on the face and the poise of the actor’s stance being the most impressive thing about them. With the rest of the Avengers on route, this is another very interesting range to consider.


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Funko Pop Toys: Doctor Who, by Eddie McGuigan


Doctor Who Funko Pop Toys

reviewed by Eddie McGuigan

There is one word that springs to mind when looking at the Doctor Who Pop toy range from Funko – supplied by Underground Toys – and that is “cute”! They are just totally adorable.

Of course some Doctors lend themselves to adorability more than others. The Matt Smith 11th Doctor figure is true to his early incarnation and is complete without eyebrows, a little nod and in joke to both Who fans and Matt himself who makes an issue of his lack of eye framing!

David Tennant’s 10th Doctor is resplendent in his long brown jacket – his “hero” jacket he likes to call it – and again lends itself to the “cute” description as David is, in many fangirls eyes, totally that!

The Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor version is equally as cute, with his huge brown eyes and little nose, but is very much still the Doctor we all know, with his attack eyebrows proudly in place and his outfit faithfully recreated, along with the obligatory sonic screwdriver and swoop of the jacket, showing his famous red lining.

eddie mcguigan

There was a time when the Pop version of Doctor Who characters would not have been welcome by collectors of Who merchandise because of their fabulous cuteness. Old, curmudgeonly Whovians would have poo-pooed their huge eyes, cartoon heads and adorability, but, luckily, things have changed. Everyone I showed these figures to say “Awwww, my goodness! How cute!” and immediately tried to beg one from me. As a range, they are very collectable, and, seeing as how the Doctor Who range is just one of many, I can see people wanting to collect the cute Avengers, cute Walking Dead zombies (really, they’re so huggable!) and cute Star Trek crews.

Durability is another plus feature of these toys, and because of this they could be knocked about by rowdy kids as well as sat neatly on a collector’s shelf. Kids can have multi-Doctor stories with 12 meeting 4, or extra-franchise crossovers – Hulk vs The Weeping Angels anyone?

I’d recommend these figures to any Doctor Who fan – at first glance of course they’re not the very serious 5” collectors range, but they have a collectability of their own, and I have a feeling my own small sample will grow and grow… I NEED a Rick Grimes now, I really do!!!


Doctor Who Figurines Continue


The superb Eaglemoss part work Doctor Who Figurines continue with issues 3, 4 and 5 incorporating Weeping Angels, Cyber Controllers and Silurians!

It’s really difficult to criticise these intricate models at all, and these three offerings are top notch.

The Cybercontroller is complete with scary see through cranial mask, his nasty brain clearly visible. The one fault I’d reluctantly point out is that the Cyberman looks like it has white eyes and pupils, which, of course, it shouldn’t have, but I’m nit picking.

The Weeping Angel is a tour de force, and could be placed as a piece of art in the home whether you have the other figures or not.

But it’s the Silurian (from the s6 series Cold Blood) which really stands out, as it is the most organic and least uniform to date. The detail is exquisite on this. Let’s hope they decide to have a classic Silurian in the future.

Don’t dismiss the magazines as an extra either. These well informed and full colour publications pull lots of quotes from Doctor Who Confidential and cover the whole 50 years of the series comprehensively. They have a personable voice to them too and are crammed with information – for instance, the tight netting around the Silurian and her disc shaped gun are homages to the Sea Devils of old.

If you haven’t started this collection yet, I’d recommend you did. The look very handsome on a shelf.

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