Virtual Reality: The Future

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at the past attempts of VR with Nintendo’s Virtual Boy and Sega VR and discussed the present VR offerings with Vive, Rift and PlayStation VR. But what does the future hold for VR? Will it change the way we play games forever? Will it go beyond that into changing our lives and the way we live in the future? Or will it be forgotten about and become nothing more than next year’s landfill. Come with me as we take a trip into the future. Unfortunately, I don’t have a big blue box to travel in so instead let’s take a ride on the speculation train!

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Cosplay 101

With the rise in comic, film and Scifi conventions has come the rise in costume playing or cosplay for short. If you’ve been to a convention lately you will no doubt have been amazed at the range of cosplayers in attendance and may even be thinking of trying something yourself. Here with some hints and tips on the subject is our resident cosplay expert Mandy “Harley Quinn” Edgar.


I want to start by saying I am not the ‘Queen’ (Or King) of costuming or cosplay. I’m not far off the starting blocks to be completely honest, but the most important thing is – I love it!!  (more…)

Virtual Reality: The Present

So last week I talked about past attempts to bring VR gaming to the masses. Fair to say, they were more misses than masses. But that was over 20 years ago. VR is here and a lot has changed in that time. Your mobile phone is more powerful than the typical games console was then. With those changes in technology Virtual Reality is now a possibility.

Virtual reality

There are three main contenders for your Virtual Reality enjoyment in today’s market, all at various prices over £300. Yeah, I said it was here, didn’t say it was going to be cheap! However, you don’t need to cripple your credit card to take part. It’s possible to experience VR for under £20, but more about that later. Let’s look at the top contenders, how much they cost and what you’ll need to use them. (more…)

Virtual Reality: The Past

This is the first in a series of articles about one of the big trends in gaming: Virtual Reality. It’s the future of gaming,  I know because that’s what the gaming media keep telling me. So it must be true! But what is it and where did it come from? Is it new technology or has it been around for a while? In these articles I’ll explore the various attempts at Virtual Reality (VR) from the past, look at the numerous VR options available today and have a glimpse and speculate on what the future may hold for VR.

Sony VR

But, as the Disney song says, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”


The Outpost Skaro End of 2014 Awards – Winners!


The community has spoken… here are your winners!

Favourite Doctor – Tom Baker
Favourite S8 EpisodeMummy On The Orient Express
Favourite Christmas SpecialLast Christmas
Favourite S8 writer – Jamie Mathieson
Favourite S8 director – it’s a tie! Douglas Mackinnon / Rachel Talalay
Favourite S8 guest star (returning/recurring) – Michelle Gomez
Favourite S8 guest star (one-off) – Frank Skinner

Favourite BF Main RangeAntidote To Oblivion
Favourite BF Early AdventureAn Ordinary Life
Favourite BF Fourth Doctor AdventurePhilip Hinchcliffe Presents Box Set
Favourite BF Companion ChronicleSecond Chances
Favourite BF Other WhoThe Worlds Of Doctor Who

Favourite non-Who audioSpringheel’d Jack
Favourite non-Who TVThe Flash

Favourite comic book movie – tie between Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite sci-fi movieEdge of Tomorrow
Favourite horror movie – another tie, The Guest / Under The Skin


What do you think of our winners, and what are your hopes for next year? Tell us in the forums!

The Outpost Skaro End of 2014 Awards – Finals Time!


The first sets of results are in, and we have our finalists! Who will be the favourite Doctor, which episode of Series 8 was most enjoyed and which of Big Finish’s main range releases did you prefer? There’s only one way to find out…


All of our polls close on New Year’s Eve, so not long left – and there’s now one for your favourite Christmas Special too!


Decide your winners and tell us why here!

The Outpost Skaro End of 2014 Awards – voting now open!


In our forum we’re running a selection of polls for you to vote on for your favourites of 2014 – from S8 episode to Big Finish Companion Chronicle, and favourite Doctor to comic book movie!

Check them out and get voting here!

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