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An Adventure in Space and Time



Starring: David Bradley as William Hartnell

RRP: £20.42

Release date: 2nd December 2013

Available to pre-order on BBC Shop now

This special one-off drama travels back in time to 1963 to see how the beloved Doctor Who was first brought to the screen.

Actor William Hartnell felt trapped by a succession of hard-man roles. Wannabe producer Verity Lambert was frustrated by the TV industry’s glass ceiling. Both of them were to find unlikely hope and unexpected challenges in the form of a Saturday tea-time drama, time travel and monsters!

Allied with a team of brilliant people, they went on to create the longest-running science fiction series ever, now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

An Adventure in Space and Timeis written by Mark Gatiss, executive produced by Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner and directed by Terry McDonough. David Bradley (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Broadchurch) plays the lead role of William Hartnell while Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife, The Woman in Black) co-stars as the first ever producer of Doctor Who, Verity Lambert.

The stellar cast is joined by Sacha Dhawan (Waris Hussein), Lesley Manville (Heather Hartnell), and Brian Cox (Sydney Newman).

DVD extra features include:

·         Leaflet featuring programme images and an exclusive foreword by writer and executive producer Mark Gatiss

·         William Hartnell: The Original

·         BTS: The Making of An Adventure  – narrated by Carole Ann Ford

·         Reconstructions:
– Scenes from An Unearthly Child and the pilot
– Regenerations
– Farewell to Susan
– Festive Greeting

·         The Title Sequences

·         Deleted Scenes
– The Radiophonic Workshop
– Verity’s Leaving Party”


The disc also contains English subtitles for the hard of hearing, audio description and audio navigation.

The main feature contains a 5.1 soundtrack.

An Adventure In Space And Time


An air date has been issued for Mark Gatiss’s much anticipated “doc”udrama, An Adventure In Space And Time.

This origin story will be shown at 9pm on Thursday 21st November on BBC2

The Day of the Doctor

The BBC have announced a little more about the exciting anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor…

In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London’s National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor’s own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.


Day of the Doctor is to be shown around the world and in cinemas on 23rd Nov. Start time around 7:45…

Christmas Jumper Idea


Our pals at Lovarzi have a wonderfully detailed and very well made Seventh Doctor replica jumper – in the worst possible taste!

Sylvester McCoy’s infamous Question Marked Tank Top is available to buy to fit any frame and is a well crafted and fantastically robust precise replica, and it’s cosy to boot!

This is great for cosplayers, students, dads on Christmas Day and any Doctor Who fan. Confuse the not-wee and wear it with Tom Baker’s scarf! Although if you want authenticity, Lovarzi also have Sylvester’s scarf available to buy too!

This is a great, fun product, and the great price doesn’t reflect the quality of the make.


Doctor Who Figurines Continue


The superb Eaglemoss part work Doctor Who Figurines continue with issues 3, 4 and 5 incorporating Weeping Angels, Cyber Controllers and Silurians!

It’s really difficult to criticise these intricate models at all, and these three offerings are top notch.

The Cybercontroller is complete with scary see through cranial mask, his nasty brain clearly visible. The one fault I’d reluctantly point out is that the Cyberman looks like it has white eyes and pupils, which, of course, it shouldn’t have, but I’m nit picking.

The Weeping Angel is a tour de force, and could be placed as a piece of art in the home whether you have the other figures or not.

But it’s the Silurian (from the s6 series Cold Blood) which really stands out, as it is the most organic and least uniform to date. The detail is exquisite on this. Let’s hope they decide to have a classic Silurian in the future.

Don’t dismiss the magazines as an extra either. These well informed and full colour publications pull lots of quotes from Doctor Who Confidential and cover the whole 50 years of the series comprehensively. They have a personable voice to them too and are crammed with information – for instance, the tight netting around the Silurian and her disc shaped gun are homages to the Sea Devils of old.

If you haven’t started this collection yet, I’d recommend you did. The look very handsome on a shelf.


Fresh from it’s succesful run at this years Edinburgh Fringe the light-hearted commedy show “Who are you supposed to be?” is due to have a short run in London.


Who do you think you are?

“Taming of the Shrew with sonic screwdrivers and a TARDIS travelling case.”

The play, written by Australian writer, Keith Gow and workshopped by the London team of Cameron K McEwan, Emrys Matthews and Jennifer Lusk, will open at the London at the Etcetera Theatre in November  for 3 shows only.

Founded in the team’s real experiences of being fans/geeks, the play explores both the passion and excitement of being a fan/geek as well as its more problematic elements. Gow and Lusk actually met at the Melbourne preview screening of Serenity, a film which has a mention in the play. Meanwhile, McEwan, who runs the popular Doctor Who fan website Blogtor Who, with fellow blogger and reviewer, Matthews, provided much of the additional material for the script.

“Not just a boy-geek meets girl-geek love story, it’s also a story of acceptance, of everyone’s need for a “safe space” to allow them to be themselves, and an accurate study in Ash of what it’s like to be a girl in a boy’s club.” (Cult Den)

Etcetera Theatre
265 Camden High Street NW1 7BU
Sunday 10th and 17th November, 8.30pm
Friday 15th November, 9.30pm
Buy tickets here



An Adventure In Space and Time Posters

An Adventure in Space and Time Poster 1


Following in the style of series 7 of Doctor Who, the BBC have released two fantastic new posters for the upcoming Mark Gattis docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time, chronicling the early years of Doctor Who, and featuring David Bradley as William Hartnell. Click on the images for the hi-res versions.

An Adventure in Space and Time Poster 2

Atlantis Who



From the creators of Merlin and BAFTA award-winning series Misfits



New York – October 24, 2013 – BBC AMERICA’s Supernatural Saturday brings the iconic lost city to life in new 13-part fantasy-adventure series, Atlantis. When Jason (Jack Donnelly, Dancing on the Edge) sets out to find his father, he could never imagine his journey would lead to a strange, yet impossibly familiar land full of dangerous creatures, legendary heroes and palaces so vast it was said they were built by giants – the ancient fabled city of Atlantis.In a milestone television event, Atlantispremieres Saturday, November 23, 9:00pm ET/PT following the encore broadcast of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, as part of BBC AMERICA’s biggest Supernatural Saturday ever.

A young man trying to unearth his roots and find his missing father, Jason’s search unexpectedly leads him to this strange mythical realm – and whether he likes it or not, he isn’t leaving anytime soon. He must now familiarize himself with their customs, earn a living, forge alliances and fight-off otherworldly foes. Jason quickly learns that beneath the surface of what appears to be a magical place, is a dark and simmering past filled with secrets and deceit to which he now seems inexplicably bound. And when he becomes embroiled in a perilous game of politics and power, Jason will need all the help he can get.


Befriended by an overweight, overly-confident Hercules (Mark Addy, Game of Thrones) and the studious young Pythagoras (Robert Emms, War Horse), Jason embarks on an adventure, which sees him brush shoulders with a sweet girl named Medusa (Jemima Rooper, Hex),come face to face with the fearsome Minotaur, do battle with the dead and catch the eye and heart of the beautiful Ariadne (Aiysha Hart, About Time), the princess of Atlantis whose family and royal standing restricts who she may love. Accordingly, Jason discovers the treachery of Atlantis’ rulers, including Queen Pasiphaë (Sarah Parish, Hatfields & McCoys), a rumored manipulator of the dark arts who has her own plans for Ariadne. Jason finds guidance and protection with the revered Oracle (Juliet Stevenson, The Hour), who has never felt the burden of responsibility more than when Jason arrives in Atlantis. He learns from the soothsayer that it’s no mistake he happens upon the shores of the famed city – it is fate.  In realizing his destiny, Jason and his allies willvoyage through a vast store of myths and legends, re-imagined for a new generation.

Creator, writer, and executive producer Howard Overman (Misfits), on the series:  “It is both a privilege and a delight to have the opportunity to take audiences on a journey into the fantastical world of Atlantis. Drawing on the Greek Myths for inspiration, we aim to tell classic, action adventure stories in unexpected and exciting ways.”

The new 13-part series was filmed in Wales and Morocco. Executive producers are Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, and Howard Overman for Urban Myth Films and Bethan Jones for BBC Cymru Wales.




Jason                                                    Jack Donnelly (Dancing on the Edge, House of Anubis)

Hercules                                              Mark Addy (Game of Thrones, The Full Monty)

Pythagoras                                            Robert Emms (War Horse, Kick-Ass 2)

Pasiphaë                                               Sarah Parish (Hatfields & McCoys, Mistresses)

The Oracle                                           Juliet Stevenson (The Hour, Bend it Like Beckham)

Medusa                                                Jemima Rooper (Lost in Austen, Hex)

Ariadne                                                Aiysha Hart (About Time, Djinn)

Minos                                                   Alexander Siddig (Da Vinci’s Demons, 24)


Creators                                              Julian Murphy (Merlin, Hex)

Johnny Capps (Merlin, Hex)

Howard Overman (Misfits, Merlin)


Director                                               Justin Molotnikov (Shameless, Merlin)


Executive Producer                              Bethan Jones (Sherlock, Mistresses)





Jason goes searching for his father and ends up on the shores of an ancient land full of mythical creaturesand legendary heroes: the lost city of Atlantis. But it seems the newcomer has arrived at the worst possible time, and becomes caught in a deadly ritual from which no one has ever escaped.



When a dying old man asks for the trio’s help in locating his missing daughter, Jason, Hercules, and Pythagoras find themselves battling the fierce worshipers of Dionysus alongside a young woman named Medusa.



After insulting the rich and powerful Heptarian, Jason and his friends are arrested and sentenced to compete in the perilous sport of bull leaping. In order to gain their freedom they must first survive this daunting test of bravery, but Jason’s enemies are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep him from getting out alive.


Episodes Four-Thirteen will be released on a later date.

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