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Doctor Who Magazine looks ahead to the dramatic final episodes of the latest series – Sleep No More, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent, and talks to to the writers of the episodes: Mark Gatiss,  Sarah Dollard and showrunner Steven Moffat. We also catch up with the director of the series finale, Rachel Talalay and the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi…

“The whole episode’s quite big,” Peter tells DWM of the 12th and final episode of the series, Hell Bent.  “It’s huge, actually – but also there’s a sadness, a romance, and a tragedy to Episode 12,” he says. “It’s just so romantic. It’s very effective. And I loved all the stuff on one particular set. I was very excited. It looks so modern – a Kubrick-y kind of vibe. It was very nice. We’re in a very interesting place, because we’re competing with bigger shows, frankly. Most American shows have four times the budget per episode that we have, but that’s what we’re up against. We’re competing withGame of Thrones… This is traditional for Doctor Who, but it goes to show what this amazing production team can achieve.” (more…)

Big Finish: Jago and Litefoot Series 10

Jago and Litefoot Series 9 was great, but not amazing if truth be told. A nice bunch of stories but nothing ground-breaking: almost as if the franchise were treading water a bit, waiting for the someone to turn on the metaphorical wave machine in the swimming pool of Supernatural Steampunk Shenanigans (gone a bit Jago, sorry).

Well, hold onto your hats, Ladies and Gents, because if that metaphor serves at all then Series 10 is a veritable tsunami!


The series opens with Simon Barnard and Paul Morris’s The Case of the Missing Gasogene. The writers’ names may be familiar from the Cosmic Hobo/Bafflegab Scarifyers series – and their script certainly will be. It is immediately recognisable as from the same stable, populated as it is with plummy, infeasibly-named aristocrats and their servants, suffused with gags, and possessing of an ingeniously off-the-wall plot. (more…)

Big Finish – Torchwood 1.3: Forgotten Lives

BF TW 103 Forgotten Lives

Do you ever wonder as you get older where the time has gone, that it just seems to accelerate so that what seemed like just a few weeks ago was in fact much longer? Well, since last month’s Fall to Earth it seems that several years has passed to when we pick up with Gwen and Rhys in Forgotten Lives.

It’s been half a decade since the Miracle, and Torchwood’s surviving couple seem to be comparatively settled – such as they can be – raising their daughter and quietly avoiding attention. But a strange phonecall draws them northwards to the isolation of the Bryn Offa Nursing Home, and before you can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch it’s clear that there’s something unnatural going on – that laundry is going to have to wait…


Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi talks to The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw

While visiting the Breakfast Show Peter discussed Jenna Coleman’s unexpected last Doctor Who scene and Maisie Williams teasing him with Game of Thrones spoilers

Peter Capaldi on the Breakfast Show 

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi was on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw this morning (6:30-10am) where he discussed:


Big Finish – Doctor Who Main Range 204 – Criss Cross

Bletchley Park, Britain’s most secret weapon in the Second World War.  Early computers clatter away day and night, decoding enemy transmissions and revealing intelligence crucial to the country’s future.
Criss Cross
Leading WREN Mrs Constance Clarke and her team are working valiantly under the watchful eye of the recently arrived Dr Smith.  But while Smith is focussed on the transmissions of a certain spy, he’s unaware that he himself has caught the attention of MI5’s spycatchers. Will they catch up with the Doctor before he uncovers a threat that may just end the war by ending the world?


Gatissmania at the Doctor Who Festival in London next month!

With just over 2 weeks to go until the most eagerly anticipated Doctor Who Festival opens its doors, our chums at BBCWW have told us that writer Mark Gatiss will now be appearing each day!

This action-packed Festival promises to take you behind the scenes of your favourite sci-fi programme like no other event can.   Click on the banner bellow for more information.

Doctor Who Festival

Saturday is SOLD OUT and Sunday will get there soon so be quick if you want to go!

Bond vs. Bond: The many faces of 007

Bond vs Bond, by Paul Simpson, compares and contrasts all of the different interpretations of Ian Fleming’s icon James Bond. It’s a comprehensive guide, looking at the books and the movies and covering all the guns and gadgets.  All the different Bonds are here and showcased with side by side comparisons of their weapons and kit, their companions and vehicles.  It’s a book bursting with info about the worlds most famous spy!

Bond vs Bond

Spanning from Fleming’s 1953 book Casino Royale to Sam Mendes’ 2012 film Skyfall this is definitely a book that no Bond fan should be without!

Big Finish Eighth Doctor: Doom Coalition vol 1

Big Finish’s fourth Dark Eyes season finished that series of box sets with aplomb, and it was hard in many ways to see how the next Eight Doctor series could better it.

Well, I can tell you that the audio drama company has worked out the answer. It’s an answer of many parts, but an answer it is, because the recently released Doom Coalition volume 1 is absolutely awesome.


This first of many Doom Coalition box sets stars Paul McGann as the Doctor, with Nicola Walker as companion and mopey erstwhile botwrangler (I’m going to use that phrase till someone acknowledges it’s great) Liv Chenka. Also introduced is Hattie Morahan as new companion Helen Sinclair, and the excellent Mark Bonnar (late of The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People off of the telly) as The Eleven. (more…)

Big Finish – Torchwood 1.2: Fall To Earth

Torchwood 1.2 Fall To Earth - Big Finiah

Time again for new Torchwood, and the second part of the new Big Finish series heralds the return of everyone’s favourite tea boy – Ianto Jones is here! Well, I say “here”, does the edge of the atmosphere count? He’s headed this way at least… what, under control? Bah, some people want everything…


Big Finish – Torchwood 1.1: The Conspiracy

BF TW 101 The Conspiracy

Oh yes, Jack is back! I’m a bit late catching the recently released first episode of Big Finish’s new Torchwood series, and there’s a tinge of nervousness approaching it given the high standard of other ranges – can it stand by itself with a similar level of quality?

It doesn’t take long to get an answer (if the tagline next to the BF logo wasn’t telling in itself), with a cracking evolution of the Torchwood theme by Blair Mowat that feels the same kind of natural progression as a new series – which this is of course! (more…)

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