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Doctor Who Magazine 2013 Special by Eddie McGuigan

Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: The Official Guide to the 2013 Series

Discover the behind-the-scenes secrets of the Eleventh Doctor’s adventures, in the latest DWMSpecial Edition. The Official Guide to the 2013 Series is researched and compiled by Andrew Pixley, and packed with previously unpublished photos, day-to-day details of Doctor Who’s production and hundreds of fascinating new facts. Containing amazing in-depth articles on the TV episodes The SnowmenThe Bells of Saint JohnThe Rings of AkhatenCold War,HideJourney to the Centre of the TARDISThe Crimson HorrorNightmare in Silver and The Name of the Doctor, this is the essential guide to Matt Smith’s final season as the Doctor.

The Official Guide to the 2013 Series is on sale now, price £6.99

Doctor Who Magazine #472

eddie mcguigan


Catch up with Paul McGann, as he discussed life after Eight – in Doctor Who Magazine 472!

You know what? I don’t expect to ever to be involved again,” the Eighth Doctor actor tells DWMBut I expect I’ll be surprised one day by something. That’s what Doctor Who‘s about. I expect to be surprised…” (more…)

Doctor Who Magazine #470

eddie mcguigan


The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now, and looks back on MATT SMITH‘s four years as the Doctor.

“A big part of me wanted to stay because it’s a wonderful job and he’s a wonderful character. My life will never be the same. I’ll never play another part quite like this…”


Christmas Jumper Idea


Our pals at Lovarzi have a wonderfully detailed and very well made Seventh Doctor replica jumper – in the worst possible taste!

Sylvester McCoy’s infamous Question Marked Tank Top is available to buy to fit any frame and is a well crafted and fantastically robust precise replica, and it’s cosy to boot!

This is great for cosplayers, students, dads on Christmas Day and any Doctor Who fan. Confuse the not-wee and wear it with Tom Baker’s scarf! Although if you want authenticity, Lovarzi also have Sylvester’s scarf available to buy too!

This is a great, fun product, and the great price doesn’t reflect the quality of the make.


Doctor Who Figurines Continue


The superb Eaglemoss part work Doctor Who Figurines continue with issues 3, 4 and 5 incorporating Weeping Angels, Cyber Controllers and Silurians!

It’s really difficult to criticise these intricate models at all, and these three offerings are top notch.

The Cybercontroller is complete with scary see through cranial mask, his nasty brain clearly visible. The one fault I’d reluctantly point out is that the Cyberman looks like it has white eyes and pupils, which, of course, it shouldn’t have, but I’m nit picking.

The Weeping Angel is a tour de force, and could be placed as a piece of art in the home whether you have the other figures or not.

But it’s the Silurian (from the s6 series Cold Blood) which really stands out, as it is the most organic and least uniform to date. The detail is exquisite on this. Let’s hope they decide to have a classic Silurian in the future.

Don’t dismiss the magazines as an extra either. These well informed and full colour publications pull lots of quotes from Doctor Who Confidential and cover the whole 50 years of the series comprehensively. They have a personable voice to them too and are crammed with information – for instance, the tight netting around the Silurian and her disc shaped gun are homages to the Sea Devils of old.

If you haven’t started this collection yet, I’d recommend you did. The look very handsome on a shelf.

Doctor Who Scarf! Season 18

The latest piece of merchandise from Lovarzi is available today on pre-order, the classy season 18 Tom  Baker scarf from his burgundy days. In heavy wool, this perfectly recreated burgundy and blue scarf is a striking piece of merchandise and ideal not just as fancy dress or cosplay but to wear as the winter closes in. Anyone who has the tradition multi coloured scarf, itself still available, will know how good this product is.

You can buy it HERE

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