The Doctor Who Skins Vol II for Minecraft on Xbox

Just in time for Christmas comes an exciting set of skins for the Minecraft fanatic in your life! The “Doctor Who Skins Vol II” provides more than 50 new character skins, including the classic Seventh Doctor, Donna Noble, Captain Jack Harkness, monsters and Cybermen. With this skin pack, you can now finally pair K9 with The Tenth Doctor while building a home that is bigger on the inside.   Click here for the complete list of skins.

Doctor Who Minecraft Skins Vol 2

“Doctor Who Skins Volume II” for Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 editions will be available on the Xbox Store worldwide on Dec. 18 for $2.99/€2.99/£2.39, so fire up your TARDIS and get ready.

Doctor Who Minecraft Skins Vol 2

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ep 9 – Tupperware Party Massacre

Warning – contains spoilers for previous episodes!

Yep, so this week it’s the little-known sequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, terrorising kitchen suppy sales… well, maybe not, but even more than last week it’s a title that brings more dread than a tolling cloister bell!


American Horror Story - Freak ShowIt’s not a good week for Jupiter’s equivalent of Desperate Housewives, as what should be an entertaining gathering with storage products on sale and other, er, benefits, becomes memorable in more than one wrong way. And as the concept of separation becomes more real for Bette and Dot, do they both want to go through with it?


The Flash 1×09 – The Man in the Yellow Suit

The-Man-In-The-Yellow-SuitWhen he was a child, Barry witnessed his mother being killed by a super-fast meta-human dressed in a yellow outfit. Due to his age, his testimony was ignored and his father was jailed for murder. He was taken in by Joe, the detective who handled the case, and since then, he’s tried to find evidence to get his father proven innocent and released. (more…)

Arrow 3×09 – The Climb

arrow-the-climb-0261b-114473The modern-day tv trend of shows splitting around fixed events such as Christmas, etc, has given many the opportunity for a mid-season finale, gathering together the various threads and building to a big climax and cliffhanger bridging the gap to the second half of the season.

Following Sara’s departure at the end of series 2, her return at the beginning of this season was surprising by virtue of its suddenness, and perhaps a little rushed to enable her subsequent death to seed the plot arc for the first few episodes. (more…)

Atlantis 02×05 Day of the Dead

As the dust settles on last weeks shock ending the gang find themselves separated inside an ancient necropolis. And they quickly find that they are not alone as the dead start to rise.  The race is on to locate Jason but a literal army of undead warriors stand in the way. Meanwhile a dazed Jason must join forces with an unlikely ally if he is to survive. But can he trust the mysterious Medea or is he destined to join the ranks of the undead?



Archive TV Event in Edinburgh – STV does Hogmanay!

Following 2013′s Missing Believed Wiped event at Filmhouse another archive TV event for Hogmanay has been organised, which is hopefully the first of many more events come in 2015.
A Guid New Year from STV
A Guid New Year from STV is comprised of two episodes from the channel’s vaults, one from 1957 and one from 1978. The first is from STV’s first year of broadcasting and features live (well it was in 1957) footage from the center of Glasgow and appearances from the likes of Mike and Bernie Winters, while the latter is hosted by TV’s The Saint, Ian Ogilvy, and features “lovely Scottish girls” such as Beryl Reid and Una McLean alongside Rikki Fulton and others.
Tickets for the event are now on sale on the Filmhouse site from just £6.50 -
There is also a Facebook page where you can receive updates and suggest archive screenings for 2015

Doctor Who – The Early Adventures 01×03 The Bounty of Ceres

Ceres, the tiny and unforgiving lump of ice and rock that hangs between Mars and Jupiter. Years of travel from Earth, it’s no place to live, and it takes a special type of person to cope with Ceres’s harsh environment. The crew of the Cobalt Corporation mining base thought that the only problem they would face inside their complex was boredom, despite the deadly environment outside. But danger isn’t just outside, and systems vital to their safety are failing as the planet starts to force its way in. Their only hope of survival may be the three stranded strangers who have mysteriously appeared – but Steven, Vicki and the Doctor are in just as much danger. Together they must fight a foe they can barely comprehend to survive.


The Bounty of Ceres



Bumper 100 Page Doctor Who Monthly Issue 481!

In Issue 481: Head writer Steven Moffat unwraps this year’s Christmas Special, Last Christmas, and gives Doctor Who Magazine the lowdown on the Doctor’s face-off with Santa…

Doctor Who Magazine 481


“I think I’m being pretty open that it’s Santa meets Alien meets The Thing from Another World meets Miracle on 34th Street,” Steven laughs. “It’s a weird mash up! There’s a base under siege, there are scary monsters. It’s one of the scariest Christmas Specials we’ve made, actually…”


New Items From Lovarzi

Lovarzi Fifth Doctor JumperIts that time of year where many of us are panicking over those last minute Christmas gifts.  And with the colder weather coming in, Lovarzi are here to help out with their latest offerings.

As a proud owner of their Tom Baker (series 16/17) scarf I’m a fan of their replicas, and as a child of 80s Who, its pretty exciting to see the Fifth Doctor’s cricket jumper (the original series 19 and 20 version) added to their range.  While I’ve not got one yet, Eddie’s speaking highly of his.

Lovarzi TARDIS ScarfAnd for anyone who’s in the market for a more traditional length scarf, they’ve also released their new TARDIS design scarf  available in blue, grey or a red and blue variant that to my eyes nicely evokes Tom’s series 18 scarf.

Click on the links above for the new items, or to see all of Lovarzi’s Doctor Who range click here.


The Flash 1×08 – Flash vs Arrow / Arrow 1×08 – The Brave and the Bold

flash-arrow-crossover-episode-logoIt’s long been very much a comic book tradition to have characters from otherwise independent books crossing over to meet up for a particular reason, whether it’s Batman visiting Metropolis on the trail of a case, or Superman visiting Gotham to ask Batman for detective help. It’s an opportunity for us to see ‘how the other half lives’.

However, once properties are translated to television and spread across the TV landscape, it’s much rarer for crossovers to happen. Those with longer memories may recall one of the few such examples being The Six Million Dollar Man crossing over with The Bionic Woman, noteworthy due to it even traversing two networks.

With Arrow and The Flash sharing a network and production teams, a crossover was practically inevitable – we’ve already had Felicity pop over for a visit, and The Flash was originally spun out of Arrow. (more…)

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