Red Dwarf XI – Episode 2: Samsara

At face value this sounds like a standard style Red Dwarf tale: an escape pod and message leads to a crashed ship, the eponymous Samsara, in which the crew get split up and find themselves in mortal danger.  So far, so jolly fine.

Red Dwarf XI

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead!


Big Finish – The Sacrifice of Sherlock Holmes

The latest installment in Big Finish’s Sherlock series finds an older Holmes facing revitalised foes from his past, enemies that have come back stronger, and who are focusing on his destruction. It’s not a promising start for the world’s greatest detective, although being reunited with Dr Watson provides perhaps a single strand of hope in the battle. But both men are old and adrift, Holmes now deprived of the help of his brother Mycroft whom he suspects has been murdered by the Society, and Watson alone due to marital difficulties.The sacrifice of Sherlock Holmes