Judoon, platoon, will be here soon!

Helping to avoid another year of dismal monsters and paper thin villains S12 has confirmed a returning adversary with the intergalactic space rhino’s: The Judoon.  While the choice of bureaucratic, intergalactic policemen makes us worry there’s another Brexit joke being lined up we can but hope this is the start of a lot of returning faces.  Maybe even a new Master or well-rested foe like the Meddling Monk for Jodie to take down with her fam.

The Judoon are back!

Neil Stuke will guest star in the same episode.  We’re hoping it’s more Silk than Drop the Dead Donkey.


Oh and it’s set in Gloucester.  Which should keep the rhyme liking Judoon happy.  Well as happy as a rampaging space cop rhino can be.

Updated: May 21, 2019 — 9:43 pm

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