Red Dwarf XI – Give and Take

Another episode of Red Dwarf and another abandoned space station for the boys to explorer.  While this has been a limit of the shows format at least this time it’s atmospherically realized and the big bad on the station, Professor Asciepius, is also a bit more gritty than the show normally conjurers up.  The counter to this is the rather retro robot they find on the station which is so over the top it jars slightly.

Give and TakeAll of this is really just a nice setup to leaving Lister in a sticky situation in which his only hope is Cat acting selflessly.  It’s a good situation that lets both Lister and Cat spar in a way they normally don’t; while Krtyon shouts encouragement from the sides and Rimmer can’t help but gleefully exclaim ‘I told you so’ in a variety of ways.  The is the real strength of the episode as the boys as best when they’re able to banter and each of them just plays to their strengths.

Add in some time travel, Rimmer finally tackling his deep seated neurosis and an ending that’s brave enough to have a pay off that takes the entire episode to reach and it’s a recipe for fun.  It might not be taking the format risks that last week did but it does everything well.

Updated: October 4, 2016 — 9:14 pm

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