Film & Comic Con Glasgow 2016

The annual Film & Comic Con rolled into Glasgow again last weekend, bringing with it a host of special guests, amazing cosplay, photo shoots, Q&A’s and a vast range of merchandise sure to dazzle any geek.


The special guests included stars of movies such as Superman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings as well as cast members from Doctor Who, Only Fools and Horses, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Power Rangers and Blakes 7.  The world of wrestling was also well served with the dynamic duo of local lad Grado and the legendary Al Snow (with his traveling companion Head).

Grado, former world champion wreslter!

While there was a big queue to get in it was kept entertained by a wide range of cos players in some truly out of this world costumes.  It’s an interesting mix with an army of Storm Troopers rubbing shoulders with Princess Leia and Wookies; interspersed with Marvel and DC Heroes and Villains.  While most cosplay falls into the bigger genre’s there was a remarkable and inventive range on display with characters from books, video games and anime.

John Challis

The main floor, like most conventions, is filled with stalls selling geektastic produce.  Wall posters and prints, figures and toys, hats and t-shirts and even edible goodies.  It does get very busy so if you’re after something specific it’s worth getting the early access tickets as it’s much quieter before the general admission.

4th Doctor Cosplay

While I did come back loaded with merchandise for me the biggest appeal of conventions like this is getting a chance to get up close and meet heroes from your child hood.  The convention offers formal opportunities with group Q&A’s and photograph sessions but you can also get a chance to get an autograph and directly speak to the stars, and in many cases get a more informal picture.

Sean Astin

My own kids went home treasuring an encounter with K9 (OK technically Dr Who alumni John Leeson but he slipped into K9 mode and they both geeked out hearing K9 speaking directly to them).  And I’ll confess to enjoying the encounter as much as them being a massive K9 fan. Also meeting wrestlers Al Snow, Grado and The Doctor himself ( the charming Colin Baker) made it a convention to remember for myself.

Colin Baker

There is always a lot to do at Film & Comic con and this year was no exception.  Doing the two days gives you a good opportunity to catch things you’d miss otherwise and helps avoid making tough choices about which event to miss.

11th cosplay

There is a constant flow of Q&As going on as well as the formal photo shoots so planning a future visit in advance is definitely advised.  Getting a professional shot with your favorite actor is a great personal moment but the Q&A’s often have unexpected moments of magic: such as Colin Baker revealing an unexpected use for the TARDIS prop on location or John Challis encounter with Tom Baker in Soho.  (I still grin recalling both but more of this in our Q&A feature later this week)

Main floor

It will be another year before it rolls into town again but if you’ve never given a convention a try then I heartily recommend it!


With thanks to Geek Illustration for use of their photograph.

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