Big Finish: Doctor Who Main Range – Vampire of the Mind

On a mysterious island, where not everyone who lands will one day leave, stands a solitary castle reputed to be haunted. However it’s not ghosts that inhabit this ancient structure, but something far, far worse.  The Doctor will have to keep his wits about him to discover not only the secret of this place but also the fate of several missing scientists, all of whom are connected to the top secret Dominus Institute.  But is this nagging feeling of having been here before just déjà vu. or is there another ghost from the Doctor’s past waiting for him?

Vampire of the mind

Have you ever wondered what it would be to have the 6th Doctor take on a 3rd Doctor style story? Well here is your chance to find out.  We’ve got a very Pertwee style story setup (and not by accident either: pay attention, this is important later…)  and it’s a nice novelty seeing how Colin Baker’s Doctor reacts in that scenario.  While it’s a bit of a by the numbers stock story the twist does really help to freshen it up and give it a disorientating edge.


There’s not a bad cast either and while, as usual, Alex Macqueen steals the show, I really liked Kate Kennedy’s Heather.  Definite companion material there!  While the plot is fairly straightforward, Justin Richards does sprinkle it with a lot of good character interactions and the direction is crisp and clear.


It’s not quite as good as the other stories in this recent set featuring the Master, but it’s worth catching and does add a little something all its own to the range.

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