Big Finish: Doctor Who Main Range – The Two Masters

The Master has an enemy. While the Doctor may want to foil his schemes, this foe wants him dead.  And this nemesis is the most dangerous man in the universe: himself!

The Two Masters

While the future and past are dying, gaps appearing in time itself, the two of them are locked in a battle to the death.  But how can the present kill the past? And can the past kill its own future?  This battle has been a long time coming and its outcome may mean the end; not just for the Master, but for the entire universe.

When Big Finish gets it right it really gets it right. This is sit-down,-listen-and-wonder-why-the-TV-Series-never-thought-of-doing-this kind of audio; or wonder if it could be done as well as this, at least.  Beevers and McQueen are already two great versions of the Master but this time of this story they’re even better (you’ll find out why).  There’s twist upon twist, and it deliciously fits into the Masters canon in a way that not only incorporates but improves.  It’s a rare story that has Sylvester McCoy being little more than icing on a delicious cake – but when you’ve got two foes fighting like these you clearly want them to be the focus.

John Dorney has written a complex twisty tale that builds up on all the recent stories feeding into it.  Rather than just paying lip service, they all incorporate elements that add to this tale- and while not essential pre-listening, they do provide additional rewards to those who have heard them.  But even without that bonus feature this is a great stand alone story.  Two Machiavellian devils playing against each other with Death the prize for the loser.

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