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BF TW 202 Zone 10

April may be known for showers, but there’s a definite chill in the air as Big Finish’s second series of Torchwood heads to Russia for second episode Zone 10. Having deciphered a 40-year old encoded message, Toshiko Sato meets with Russian agency KVI to find out what secrets hide in the eponymous area. The truth may be out there – but is Tosh ready for what it may involve? Who else could have a stake in keeping Zone 10 under wraps – and how far will they go to make sure it stays hidden?


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Следующий эпизод с момента моего свидания с вами


Oh Tosh, I’ve missed you! I always thought that there were more stories to tell that could use Tosh’s character well, and Big Finish have read my mind with a Russian riproarer here. It’s pacy, twisty and combines some great ideas with wit and characterisation for an excellent audio that builds on earlier installments while giving options for the future.

I’ve been impressed by David Llewelyn’s stories already and particularly his characterisation in both The Conspiracy and Uncanny Valley, and this continues the trend. Although a fair amount of the story involves just Tosh and KVI agent Maxim (Krystian Godlewski, out of his Groot-suit), it’s less of a two-hander than some of the other stories especially as it progresses, and has a good sense of scale to match the immersively chilly sound design. I was occasionally tonally reminded of some of Renny Harlin’s The Dyatlov Pass Incident in some of the aspects of the Zone’s mystery, and the concept and execution are well-executed and paint a wonderfully vivid mental picture through Scott Handcock’s excellent direction.


Я слушал это, чтобы узнать,
Я должен сообщить, это Торчвуд я люблю


It’s a brave move having the majority of your characters having English as second language, but performances are assured and avoid falling into either cliche or parody. Naoko Mori instantly clicks back into the character of Tosh and I can only hope we will see more of all the Torchwood crew in episodes to come.

Although Zone 10 like the other episodes can be listened to as standalone, it’s probably also the closest tied to previous stories which pays off well. At the same time, it sets up an intriguing potential dynamic with the KVI that will hopefully return in future. With impressive scope, a gripping plot and a welcome return for Ms Sato, it’s an episode I can see myself returning to in future. Or maybe I already have?


Мой почерк на этот раз через
Я рассматриваю для вас, от Скаро с любовью!


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