The Flash 2×09 – Running to Stand Still

flash2x09After last week’s two-part pseudo Justice League crossover with Arrow, we’re briefly back with the home team again before the mid-season break, in an episode which echoes back to the days of the Batman TV show with a good old multi-villain team-up.

Escaping from Iron Heights, the Weather Wizard frees Captain Cold and the Trickster, with the intention of killing the Flash. Whilst Trickster’s last appearance felt like a passing of the torch to the new model, it’s a testament to Hamill’s portrayal that it’s his version making a welcome return.

Cold doesn’t see any profit in killing the Flash, and although he reiterates that he has no intention in being a hero, he does warn Barry of the threat. Although a relatively brief appearance, we do get to see him at his sardonic best, before he heads off towards Legends of Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Weather Wizard’s escape has resurfaced memories for Patti – she joined the police force as a reaction to the death of her father after he was killed by Mardon, and she’s prepared to take matters into her own hands to gain retribution. Her promise to tell Barry everything sits at odds with his withholding everything from her, and raises the possibility that she might get to leave the ‘Thea Queen Club’ before too much longer.

This theme of unwarranted guilt continues as Joe learns about Wally, the son he never knew he had, and as usual manages to emote everyone else off the screen. Being a CW show, however, and much like the way ‘seasoned veteran’ Jay Garrick is only a few years older than Barry, the upcoming ‘Kid’ Flash looks to be only a couple of years younger.

The season’s Zoom arc has been a little stop-start so far, and this episode continues that in favour of the villain-of-the-week plot. However, that’s no bad thing when the alternative is Hamill’s Trickster. Zoom does briefly pop in though, and in a nod to both the comics’ Zoom and to last year’s Wells, it seems he doesn’t expect the stream of villains he has been sending to kill Barry to actually be able to complete the task – rather to make Barry the fatted calf… so when Zoom finally takes him on, he gets a better hit from absorbing his powers.

  • Harry Wells continues to demonstrate that whilst he might not be an outright bad guy, he is a long way from the pre-Thawne Earth 1 Wells, and seems prepared to be blackmailed into working covertly against the Flash.
  • The show continues to bring to life scenes we wouldn’t expect to see outside a comic book – the helicopter sequence is another such moment.
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