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Lego Dimensions

It was exciting news when Doctor Who Lego was announced a while back, and even more exciting when it was confirmed the Doctor would be in the new Lego Dimensions game.  And it’s not just a token nod: what we have here is a full level pack with a lot of content, all very faithful to the show and imbued with its charm and wit. From the Legofied title sequence you can tell this game is going to be fun. The titles are a nicely translated version of the 12th Doctor’s, but are jam packed with Dr Who themed lego hi-jinx in the

I’m a big fan of the various Lego Games, and while I’ve not played all of them I’ve tried most of the range. I really like that they are games I can sit and play with my kids, and we all get a lot of enjoyment from it. So I had high hopes for this one – and I’m pleased to say the game managed to exceed them. My children, though young, are also well versed gamers, and they too were impressed. With us all being fans of all eras of the show it was fantastic to see the little nods to the past that are sprinkled throughout. And the adventure level, which lets you jump between regenerations (complete with that Doctor’s version of the TARDIS) is sheer squee!




So what do you get?  Well this game is an add-on for the main Lego Dimension game which means you do need the Starter Pack.  The Doctor Who Level Pack gets you three figures (The Doctor, K9 and the TARDIS) and unlocks the ‘Dalek Extermination of Earth’ level and also the Doctor Who Adventure World.  The Doctor who pack also adds time travel to Lego Dimensions as you can jump through time to solve puzzles, making changes in the past that affect the future.
There is a lot of Doctor Who content in the game which will keep even the most devout fan happy. From Autons crashing through shop windows, to characters like Madame Vastra showing up (voiced, as all the characters are, by the original actor with all-new material) to all twelve Doctors (each with soundbites from the archives, or new material in the case of 12).


It’s Lego, it’s Doctor Who.  You would really have to mess up badly to get this wrong and they’ve gone entirely the other way. Rather than make easy cash they’ve created some lovingly assembled content, and with the Cyberman fun pack due out next year I can only hope they keep making more with the same quality as I’m already addicted.  With it being Lego Dimensions you’ve also got replay value as you can splice in a variety of fun combinations.  I’m especially looking forward to hooking the Doctor up with Doctor Emmett Brown (Great Scott!).

The Doctor Who LEGO Dimensions level pack is available now for about £30 wherever video games are sold. It requires the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack to play. The Cyberman Fun Pack arrives in January.
LEGO Dimensions is now available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems and Nintendo´s Wii U™ system.


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