The Flash 2×07 – Gorilla Warfare

groddIn the very first episode, we were teased with the appearance of a mangled cage sporting the name Grodd. Whilst comic fans would instantly recognise this as Gorilla Grodd, it seemed unlikely that a show from the same stable as the gritty and fairly grounded Arrow would go so far as to actually feature a giant talking psychic genius gorilla.

Of course, as we now know, they did.

After that appearance, it’s no surprise that it was just a matter of time before we got a return appearance from the lonely gorilla. This time round, Grodd is using his mind control ability to obtain chemicals he can use to increase the intelligence of other gorillas and give him some others of his kind to hang out with.

A week ago, Barry was crippled by Zoom but his remarkable healing powers ensure the physical damage is repaired. However, there are lingering psychological issues which Caitlin tries to address by getting Henry to visit. Normally this sort of pep talk is Joe’s job, but it’s no bad thing to remind us about Henry to keep him feeling part of the extended cast.

Meanwhile, Harry Wells is starting to feel jaded with his place on Earth 1, intending to return to Earth 2 to continue his fight as best he could. Surprisingly, Caitlin makes an attempt to persuade him to stay, and whilst he’s not exactly Mr Genial when it comes to working with others, he does achieve some measure of trust and rapport, notably with Cisco. When Caitlin is kidnapped by Grodd, Harry puts on the Reverse Flash outfit to impersonate Thawne and hopes to convince Grodd to release her.

flash2x07Luckily, Henry’s chat with Barry gets him back on track and he leads Grodd to the location of a speed cannon designed to send him back to Earth 2, to a location where he can be with other similar simians. Super-intelligent gorillas, in a city… a Gorilla City – comic fans rejoice! That said, will this be Grodd’s happy ending, or (more likely), will this lead to a problem down the line with Grodd taking over Gorilla City?

In other news, Cisco’s legendary dating skills are put to the test when he meets up with Kendra. With the next episode being half of the regular Arrow/Flash crossover laying the final groundwork for Legends of Tomorrow, this week’s obligatory vibing vision, in which he sees a hawk metahuman, might be the last use of it as a precursor narrative measure to that show before we start to make traction on this show’s season arc.

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