The Secret of Spring Heel’d Jack Episode One – The Peril of the Empires!

UNITED KINGDOM, 1877. When Aldershot Barracks is attacked by the flame-wreathed ‘Night Terror’, Jonah Smith is called out of retirement by Her Majesty’s Government and sent on one final, deadly mission – to capture Springheel Jack!
Peril of the Empires
The last two seasons of Spring Heel’d Jack have been a lot of fun, and I listened to this with high hopes that were in no way dampened.  However, it’s very different from the previous seasons: our hero is now in his 60s, and Jack is much more public than before and attracting all the wrong sort of attention at very high levels.  There is espionage and political intrigue, and baddies with great accents! Fun in a truly believably Victorian setting.

Christopher Finney has been quite the discovery for this series, taking his character from a youthful idealist to a world weary old man. You can hear the weight of the world in his voice as he struggles to once again catch up with his long term nemesis, Spring Heel’d Jack.  And even at the top of his game and the high of his powers he struggles with the complex events that are weaving and conspiring around him.  This is no longer a police hunt over a small London, not quite yet the city we know. Now, like the city itself, events have grown and the stakes are higher than ever.  And what a cliff hanger! It leaves you wanting more – exactly as it should.
It’s a great cast, only slightly overshadowed by some even greater casting later in the series, but my lips are sealed. And while I love Big Finish I have to say the team of Gareth Parker and Robert Valentine give them a run for their money in this era.  It’s every bit as polished and well produced as the best Big Finish offer.
If you haven’t checked out this series, now would be a good time to start, as the first two series can be picked up at a bargain price. By the time you’ve gone through it all, the next part of this one should be out and the agony of waiting for the cliff hangers to resolve will be over!

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