The Flash 2×04 – The Fury of Firestorm

flash2x04After the use of a classic story name in episode two, the show continues to mine the comics, this time taking inspiration from one of the titles held by the Firestorm comic over the years.

Last week we saw that with Ronnie ripped from the Firestorm matrix, Professor Stein is unable to remain stable for much longer.

Team Flash manage to narrow down the shortlist of ‘candidates’ to two people, one a scientist and one a mechanic. With Jay Garrick absent, Caitlin is back to her previous self and identifies the scientist, Henry, as the ‘obvious’ choice. Of course, Barry supports the underdog, mechanic Jax. In an interesting reversal of the comics (where Ronnie was a football player and Jason Rusch was a scientist, we learn that Jax was a high school football player), but raises the question of why “Jason Rusch” was not used as the new character’s name this time.

After the attempt to combine Henry and Professor Stein fails, Henry becomes the obligatory villain of the week. Jax, as is the way with such decisions, initially chooses not to be part of the experiment, but after a good night’s sleep changes his mind.

Meanwhile, Patty Spivot continues to be the sort of character Iris should have been from the start, instead of the weak and needy Laurel-a-like she spent most of season 1 portraying. Though despite it being clear to Joe that Barry and Patty are the ideal match, Barry still manages to compare her unfavourably to Iris.

Zoom’s arc continues, with this week’s villain being King Shark. Yes… another villain that would have been skipped over in the old days for so many reasons 😛

Where are they going with Earth 2 Harrison Wells? After his sneaky arrival last week, he appears to have been thieving at Tina McGee’s lab to create some sort of device to assist in the takedown of King Shark.

Compared with the past few episodes, this felt like a bit of a filler; but those who watched season one will know that even ‘filler’ episodes on this show are still enjoyable, helped by some great dialogue moments such as Cisco’s comparison of Firestorm with Tinder. Like episode one, this felt like it was more about setting out the table ready for Legends of Tomorrow, but with that due at around the mid-season point, they need to have all the ducks in a row ready.

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