The Flash 1×20 – The Trap

flash-episode-20-barry-bulletWith several episodes to go to the finale, many shows would be sprinkling in the fillers before the final push to season’s end. Not so this show, which feels almost as if they had doubts about getting a second season, and decided to throw everything into the pot.

Last episode, we left Team Flash as they discovered Wells’ secret vault with Gideon and the future newspaper we first saw back in episode 1. We rejoin them this week in the pre-credit sequence as they learn that future Barry vanished 9 years in the future whilst battling the Reverse Flash, in an article that was (will be?) written by Iris West-Allen. Gideon turns out to have been created by future Barry at a time when he was a founding member of what we assume will be the Justice League.

Since being killed by Thawne in an alternate timeline, Cisco has been having flashbacks to the events that no longer happened. For a change, it’s Caitlin’s turn to develop the gadget-of-the-week to help him recall the memory, enabling him to set up a trap avoiding the mistakes he made before. However, it seems that Wells has been more aware of their plans than they might have been expecting.

MV5BMjE5MTk4MTc3NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDA0OTA1NTE@__V1_SY317_CR130,0,214,317_AL_Just as Arrow uses the flashback sequences to inform the present-day storyline, this episode takes a look back to the time Barry spent in the coma. It also allows Iris to learn Flash’s identity (albeit for the second time this series) – hopefully the removal of this barrier will enable the writers to step away from the contrivances around keeping her out of the action, and perhaps address why she so often gets to play at the annoying end of the field.

So with Thawne outed and his shadow looming across the rest of the season, what next for Team Flash?

Next week… Grodd!

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