The Flash 1×18 – All-Star Team Up

fla118a-0135b-129544Over in Arrow, Ray Palmer recently went up against the Arrow only to find his technological superiority wasn’t sufficient against Oliver’s skills and experience. A life-threatening injury brought home to him the need to work to improve the suit, and he heads to Star Labs in Central City with Felicity in order to meet the best person to help him – Cisco. Apparently this episode was supposed to air before his injury in Arrow, but the hiatus messed things up a bit). The premise is a bit wobbly, but any excuse to get Ray and Felicity over to Central works for me.

Surprisingly for a guest star, for a time Ray feels more of a fifth wheel here than Iris. That isn’t to say that she is any less annoying, but that this week she’s given the moral high ground. However, despite this, she doesn’t fail to make unreasonable demands of Eddie that he break a confidence and tell her every secret she doesn’t know. With every other regular cast member knowing Barry’s secret now except for Iris, and with Eddie commenting on something that’s been increasingly obvious to the viewer, it’s indicative of a status quo that is almost certain to be changing before too much longer.

This episode’s villain is the Bug Eyed Bandit, a relatively low-end criminal, who seems to be there just to provide a reason for Tina McGee’s return. When McGee provides the information that Harrison wasn’t the same after the accident – almost a completely different person – it adds to the mounting evidence against Wells.

Joe advises Barry not to speak to Cisco or Caitlin with his concerns about Wells, but Felicity convinces him to show them his evidence chart. Although Cisco is quick to believe (and has vague memories of the alternate timeline in which he learned Wells’ identity just before he was killed), Caitlin finds it more difficult to believe, at least until next episode brings forth more solid evidence.

Overall, whilst not as strong an episode as Tricksters, this was pretty good. Away from Arrow, Ray was able to geek out with Cisco (naming the week’s villain at the same time); and Felicity was more like her earlier giddy self rather than the somewhat ill-fitting character she is currently forced into on the sister show.

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