The Flash 1×10 – Revenge of the Rogues

coldIt’s been several weeks since we last saw the Flash, where he finally went up against Reverse Flash, only to realise he was far from good enough to beat him. For the first time since the lightning struck, he realised he was not the fastest man alive.

The repercussions of this continue to reverberate, with Barry’s training sessions stepping up a pace, culminating in being attacked by a missile-firing drone controlled by Cisco (who seems to enjoy these sessions far too much – is that just his geek personality, or is it a precursor of something to come?).

960[1]This week’s A story revolves around the teaming up of Len Snart (‘Captain Cold’) with Mick Rory (‘Heat Wave’), with the two played by Prison Break alumni Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. The two are perfect complements to each other, contrasting the calm and control of Captain Cold with the hotheaded impatience of Heat Wave, though there are some moments when the scenery, if not chewed, is certainly gnawed at a little. That said, during a climactic battle, a Ghostbusters reference always goes down well.

For the B story, we have Caitlin’s continued search for Ronnie, after he flew off at the end of last episode. Comic readers will be aware of the basic Firestorm character origin (either the original or New 52 version), and whilst TV tends to alter backstories to fit their narrative, Flash seems to be making an effort to stay reasonably close to the source material, albeit with a few amendments. Interestingly, we learn that F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M is actually the name of a research project worked on by Jason Rusch and now-missing scientist Martin Stein – given the comic backstories, it would seem likely that it will all tie together before too long.

Alongside this, we have the ongoing chill between Barry and Iris, the growing closeness between Iris and Eddie, and Joe’s increasing suspicions about Wells’ ulterior motives.

The Wells backstory sees a further addition, when Wells almost goes to stand up from his wheelchair when he realises Barry is in trouble – which seems at odds with the suggestion he was the Reverse Flash who was beating on Flash last episode – definitely more twists to come on that plot element.

All-in-all, a solid return for a show that has really hit the ground running this year.

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