American Horror Story: Freak Show Ep 9 – Tupperware Party Massacre

Warning – contains spoilers for previous episodes!

Yep, so this week it’s the little-known sequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, terrorising kitchen suppy sales… well, maybe not, but even more than last week it’s a title that brings more dread than a tolling cloister bell!


American Horror Story - Freak ShowIt’s not a good week for Jupiter’s equivalent of Desperate Housewives, as what should be an entertaining gathering with storage products on sale and other, er, benefits, becomes memorable in more than one wrong way. And as the concept of separation becomes more real for Bette and Dot, do they both want to go through with it?

An interesting contrast is made this week in the way Jimmy and Dandy react to the deaths of their mothers, but the biggest surprise for me with this episode is how much of an emotional core it has – the name had indicated a sordid little number (and this does have more of that side than previous episodes) but there are several scenes of impressive intensity and feeling. Like the episode itself, they’re spread across several characters, and they’re uniformly effective and impactful.

I do have to slightly eat my words from last time round, where I predicted how the death rate in the show would offset new characters in terms of spreading time between everyone – yet this week we even have old characters reappearing! With yet another introduction though, there has to be a limit to how much can be told about new people so it starts to become more difficult to engage with them – though I have a slight feeling this may end up getting used to pull the rug out as this series has been very good at so far! Again there is a juggling act in which characters get time this week and by extension some feel a bit pushed back to the background, but for me personally there are some welcome returns to at least the middle if not front and centre focus.

Crucially though, it looks like we are starting to see what may be the plotline to take us into the finale, and it feels like it’s going to be a bloody one…


American Horror Story: Freak Show airs at 10pm Tuesday nights on FOX.

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