The Multiversity – DC Comics Mini-series

Grant Morrison is a writer, musician, playwright, occultist and script writer. In the comic world, he’s written Superman, Justice League, X Men, Fantastic Four, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Animal Man and Doctor Who. He had a critically acclaimed 7 year run on Batman and wrote the seminal crossover Final Crisis. He was awarded an MBE, and he’s Scottish.

So what does he do for an encore?

Multiversity-LogoMultiversity is an 8 issue mini series, telling the story of an invasion of the Multiverse by extra-dimensional creatures known as the Gentry, with each issue feeding into the next through in-story comics.

It comprises the issues:

  • House of Heroes (Calvin Ellis is the Superman of Earth 23 and President of the United States)
  • Society of Super-Heroes (pulp style JSA of Earth 20 vs villains from Earth 40)
  • The Just (legacy heroes on Earth 16 such as the sons of Superman and Batman)
  • Pax Americana (Earth 4 given a Watchmen push)
  • Thunderworld Adventures (Earth 5’s Captain Marvel family)
  • Guidebook
  • Mastermen (Nazis won WW2 on Earth 10)
  • Ultraa Comics (the real world within the comics set on Earth 33)

As with much of Grant’s work, each issue takes what would otherwise be just a simple story of alien invasion and turns it into a complex multi-layered work that warrants multiple re-readings. Themes range from the question of what heroes would do on a world where villainy was wiped out by the previous generation with super-heroes as celebrities, to examining how different the world that inspired Watchmen would be if we revisited it in a post-Watchmen era.

Morrison has long espoused the view that everything we’ve seen in the comics is ‘real’ inasmuch as it happened to the characters, irrespective of any subsequent reboots or re-imaginings – only our ability to experience the event changes. One comparison might be between watching a film on an old black & white portable tv with a coat-hanger aerial then seeing it on an IMAX style screen with THX sound – same film, very different experience.

Morrison has often taken obscure characters and events from the long-forgotten past, and revitalised them as part of a contemporary story; building a modern mosaic out of elements of the past. The Multiversity is one more step on this road – whether you hearken back to the days when comics about talking rabbits were commonplace, want the opportunity to revisit the long-since gone Charlton universe, or like your comics reading to require an intellectual effort, this mini-series could have the potential to meet your needs.

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