The Walking Dead 05×07 – Crossed

After last weeks ending you might be forgiven for thinking that this week would be an intense rescue mission. And you’d be partly right, as that’s one of the threads making up this weeks episode and it’s action packed. But rather than let some of the other plot lines dangle this episode is happy to keep jumping about several different stories. While it means the rescue mission with the hospital is going to play out over a number of episodes it does let us spend some time with some characters that have been a little neglected of late.

The Walking Dead
While the rescue mission is just one strand of this weeks web of wasteland antics it’s the most interesting. It’s also tense and action packed and the scene at the evac center is a great mix of brutal, ghastly, tense and frantic. My only quibble is the slightly predictable cliff hanger that we’re left with but that’s a minor grumble. Daryl’s relegated to a much more supporting role this week as Rick steps up. As always Rick is captivating to watch and he’s more on the edge than ever. He’s being forced to take risks and it’s clear that he’s doing so due to his guilt of abandoning Carol once before.
Two of the other strands are just light snacks rather than full on meals. The first follows Beth’s battle to help Carol in the hospital. It lacks the sense of threat the previous scenes in the hospital have had and it’s just there to keep that side of the plot moving. The second deals with our pacifist priest and while it’s short it continues to flesh out his character and the demons he’s struggling with.  Both look like they will have big pay offs in the future but they’re still in the build up stage.
The final strand is a much more meandering catch up with the Washington Mission. The group is teetering on the edge and a forced time out gives a lot of nice character interaction between different members of the group. It offsets the tension of the rescue and gives us some rare moments of calm to enjoy.
It’s a solid episode but it’s flaw is so much going on. It’s all enjoyable stuff but you’ll possibly be left frustrated as the story jumps about, especially between the different groups.

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