The Walking Dead – 05×06 – Consumed

Ah Carol. Way back in series 1 she seemed like zombie bait, just a matter of time. But how she’s changed. Other than Rick is there anyone tougher on the show? I think not. This episode is about trying to find Beth, with a trip into the city to search for her, but the focus is on Carol. We find out what happened to her after she was cast out from the Prison and a little of her past. The title of this episode refers to things that are consuming her personally, the most obvious being trying to deal with what happened with the girls last year. But there are a lot of such nods to a things that stretch all the way back to her killings at the prison.

The Walking Dead
There is a general smoke motif that runs through this episode as well which ties in nicely. It’s used as a backdrop to past events and also links to the current action. It’s a nice way of linking things from way back to the present day. And it fits into the story itself as smoke is used as a distraction to get past the numerous zombie hordes still in the city. It’s nice to be back in an urban setting as so much of the series is set in woods or suburbs. And the city is just as dangerous as it was when Rick first visited it way back in series 1 (there is a nice call back to that lying in the middle of one street).

As well as being a Carol centric episode we’ve got the usual star turn from Norman Reedus as Daryl. He’s always had a great relationship with Carol but they’ve not had many episodes together like this. They’re both carrying a lot of baggage but they’re not quite ready to talk to each other about it.
It’s not all flashbacks and heart to hearts though. We’re in a zombie infested city and our heroes are on the track of Beth’s abductors. And there is another threat to Carol and Daryl that puts strain on them physically and morally. Once again the theme of how far will you go to survive comes up.

It’s a hell of a cliff hanger that makes you long for next week, this series of The Walking Dead is must see TV.

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  1. Loved the episode. Last week’s felt a bit weak compared to the rest of the season so far, but this was back on form. Carol and Darryl make a great team.

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