Atlantis Series 2 – “A New Dawn: Part One”

It’s a solemn start to series 2 of Atlantis, opening in the middle of a funeral is about as bleak a start as i can imagine. After a long run of much Darker Doctor Who I’m begging to wonder if Goths have sneaked into senior management at the BBC. And this darker tone continues throughout with a lot of bloody battles, betrayal, monsters and an intense set piece of a city being ransacked.



It’s a bit of a departure from last year but for me at least it’s made this year must watch TV. There is one brief nod to last years lighter tone with an unorthodox escape into the sea mid episode, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Now the King is dead his daughter must step up and protect the city in it’s hour of need. But before the funeral fires have had time to die down a powerful artifact protecting the city is stolen and enemies are marching on Atlantis. Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras must bring back the protective Palladium before all is lost. But this will be a battle that tests not only their valor in battle but their morality as well.
How is it as a jumping on point? Well there isn’t anything of Jason’s back story, it just dives into the action. While that will no doubt cause some confusion later on it does let the episode focus on a simple setup, City under threat and a mission to save it, which ensures a fast paced and gripping start. The relationships are quickly reestablished with minimal fuss and it’s easy to follow whats going on and what everyone is up to.
If it keeps like this then the BBC has a hit on it’s hand. That final reveal of a classic mythological monster and the season wide trailer in the end credits really whetted my appetite for more.

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  1. Darker Dr Who, is was a still a pantomime.

    As for Atlantis, the trailer looks good but can the script writer cut out the comedy for 5 year old they keep putting in?

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