The Skaro Halloween Awards 2014

They’re baaaaack! Yep, it’s time for another installment of the Outpost Skaro Halloween awards, and this time there’s some as voted by our community!

For more of the seasonal mood, check out our Halloween podcast too!


The gratuitous Frightfest section

See this year’s Frightfest article here – or listen to the podcast here!

Top 5 – The GuestFaultsHouseboundThe Harvest, Stage Fright

Best Frightfest film seen outside of the event – House At The End Of Time

Best actor – Leland Orser, Faults (also in The Guest)

Best actress – Essie Davies, The Babadook

Most disturbing film – Starry Eyes

Craziest film – Open Windows

Most unnecessary nudity – Among the Living

The Big Fat Grin award for continual amusement – Stage Fright

The “You’ll never hear that song the same way again” award – Total Eclipse of the Heart in Dead Snow 2

The Black Lace award for made up phrase that sounds like a one-hit-wonder – Babadook-dook-dook (open cupboard, knock and creak…)

The “Are you my mummy?” award for most unfortunate phrase uttered at the height of passion – “I feel like a Power Ranger!”, Zombeavers


The rather shorter Doctor Who section

Best Series 8 episode for Halloween – Listen

Best Series 8 episode title for Halloween – Dark Water, it’s already been two horror films!

Best Doctor Who-star appearance in a horror movie – Karen Gillan, Oculus

Skaro staff picks for Doctor Who Halloween viewing – The DaemonsImage of the Fendahl


Skaro speaks – voted by our community!

Best televised Doctor Who story to watch at Halloween – Blink

Best Big Finish Doctor Who story to listen to at Halloween – Chimes of Midnight

Best movie to watch at Halloween – The Shining


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Updated: November 3, 2014 — 11:36 pm

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