The Skaro Review: Gotham 01×04 – Arkham


Episode 4 – Arkham

Reviewed by Alan


There’s no doubt Gotham’s fourth episode comes with a title that’ll provoke some interest from the fans.  There are few places in Gotham as iconic as the Asylum, so its nice to see it appearing prominently in this series.

While we’re only on episode 4, its nice to see a tweak in the format of the show slightly, to keep things from getting too stale.  While there’s still a separate A-plot of the week, and the ongoing storylines carry on alongside it, this week that A-plot has much larger consequences playing into the ongoing storyline.

And the nice thing about this is while we have Gordon and Bullock drawn in to investigate the crime of the week, this same plot impacts several others of the main cast, allowing characters like Bruce and Alfred to weigh in on events in a way that is a natural extension of the story, rather than just getting a couple of scenes because they’re big name characters.

And of course, no episode would be complete without the Penguin working his way back into Gotham’s criminal underworld. It’s repetitive to say at this point, but once again he remains the real standout element of the show.

The end result is an episode that feels the strongest yet. Events continue to build ominously, and over the course of these four episodes there’s a real feeling of a show also building in strength and confidence as the groundwork is already starting to pay off.

Gotham airs on Channel 5, Mondays, 9pm.  Follow @GothamOn5 on Twitter.

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