You’re Next

Film4 Frightfest 2013


I have to confess, I was slightly guarded going in to You’re Next. Sure, the posters were cool (especially the map-mask one), and the usage of Perfect Day in the trailer was inspired, but the idea of another home invasion movie wasn’t one that had me exactly jumping out of my chair – and not just because once wedged in there any movement was difficult 😉 Obviously I had forgotten the nature of the Frightfest boys in seeing something different, as what resulted was certainly not just another home invasion movie!

The film opens with a brutal attack on a post-coital couple (including 2011 Total Film Icon Larry Fessenden), before introducing the varied members of a well-to-do family meeting at their holiday home (next door – uh oh) and their dysfunctional dynamic is funny and natural. Of course, the calm is soon shattered, and survival becomes the order of the day, but this is no normal house invasion – and neither are the targets!

I’m not going to give away any of the twists, but they are numerous and add an excellent energy to the film. The script is punchy and witty, and the acting is consistent too with a fitting role as family matriarch for 80s scream queen Barbara Crampton.

It’s bizarre why You’re Next has been sitting on the shelf since 2011 – it’s a fresh, fast and fantastic piece of horror cinema that revitalises its subgenre. Definitely worth a watch! ****

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