I Spit On Your Grave 2

Film4 Frightfest 2013


Read the review of the first (remake) film here!

I wasn’t a great fan of the I Spit On Your Grave remake, which showed in Frightfest 2010, so decided to approach this sequel a little differently…

Things learned from I Spit On Your Grave 2:

  • A rape/revenge film makes for hilariously awkward introduction as compliments to lead actress Jemma Dallender become unfortunately creepy!
  • If you’re a naive attractive lady who follows a small ad for modelling, it’s likely to end up with someone trying to get you to take your kit off – and if you refuse, it will make you a target for Evil Rapist Types.
  • All men are either Evil Rapist Types, Evil Violent Types, combinations of those or so stupid/ineffectual as to be virtually cooperating with Evil Rapist/Violent/Violent Rapist Types – so are worth nothing more than torture, death or both.
  • As horrifying as beating and rapes are (fortunately less visually explicit than the first), they are not nearly as terrifying to a character as finding out they are in Bulgaria…
  • Always check under your rugs – they’re even better than posters of Rita Hayworth or Raquel Welch!
  • The revenge elements of the film are less cartoony than its predecessor but still pretty extreme, graphically portrayed (pop!) and show some originality.
  • While some of the cinematography is good, the look of the film makes characters look oddly waxy throughout.
  • Rape/revenge completists may want to check it out, but other than some inventive and nasty kills its appeal is limited unless on a “men are scum” kick.


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