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Not just a portentous hint from Matt Smith about The Day of the Doctor, it’s a handy thing to bear in mind the first time you watch Dementamania – and the second too!

After Ed Arkham (Sam Robertson – Corrie‘s Adam Barlow, or more recently Beaver Falls) steps on a strange red wasp, his well-paid and neatly arranged life starts to fall apart. From office politics to attempts at contact by his ex, situations worsen as the effects of the sting spread. But can Ed believe everything he sees?

There’s a lot riding on Sam Robertson’s shoulders in such a character-focussed film, but he handles the tricky role with ease and puts in a confident performance that belies it being his first movie lead role. Supporting actors are also strong, with special mention due to Robert van Twillert as coworker Pablo who guarantees a smile every time he is on screen.

Dementamania is not the lurid grindhouse flick that the title may imply – it’s a neatly directed piece in which no shot or placement is accidental, and there’s alot of value in a second watch where you can see how every twist has been hinted through the film, and the importance of specific perceptions.

Oh, and remember – paintings… ***1/2

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