100 Bloody Acres

Film4 Frightfest 2013


And now, a film about fertiliser. No, not that kind of fertiliser – that would be 100 Crappy Acres surely and would make for very easy reviewing if it wasn’t very good! Fortunately (!) it’s about the blood and bone type fertiliser, which is much more the kind of crap that’s appreciated at Frightfest…

Brothers Reg and Lindsay Morgan run a small fertiliser business in South Australia, and are always trying to set themselves apart from the competition. Happening across a crash site while on a delivery, Reg spots an easy opportunity for fresh blood (sorry!) with the driver’s body, so hides it in the back of his truck to take back. Just bigger roadkill than normal, which wouldn’t be so bad if not for a group of tourists hitching a lift to a music festival…

By keeping the focus and scale small, 100 Bloody Acres belies its low budget and is an assured feature debut by writer/directors Colin and Cameron Cairnes. The concentration on the characters helps – at heart this is a tale of love in truly unfortunate circumstances – though there’s also a helping of old-fashioned farce to keep a sense of fun. That said, it’s not a constant joke-fest, though when it goes gross-out it easily equals anything by the Farrellys with more mind bleach needed than with Kingpin at one point!

On the weaker side, none of the characters are particularly likeable, and the seeming justification of infidelity rankled on a personal level – which also goes to show a level of believability to the writing. It may not be one for watching back over and over, but 100 Bloody Acres is still entertaining and a good pick for a midnight movie! ***

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