The Golden Years – The Myth Makers

eddie mcguigan

The Myth Makers is very much a product of its time. We have to put our 1965 heads on when considering this one – and consider it is all we really can do, I suppose, since it too is in a bin somewhere – and one of the shames in its demise is that we get very little in the way of short lived Vicki replacement Katarina. Now, Dusty Bin could replace Vicki for my liking and it would be a step up, but since Katarina dies during The Dalek Masterplan (yeah like you didn’t know spoilernauts!) she seems a bit of a meh character.


So why is The Myth Makers a product of its time? Well, for a start it’s a historical story, one of a dying breed, it would seem. What it lacks though, with new production bosses Wiles and Cotton in charge, is the passion of a Lucarotti script or the humour of a Spooner historical, it’s all very much stuck in the middle. It’s also classical in nature, in a time when classical studies was taught in school, so the children watching as live would have a fairly decent grounding, which is perhaps missing these days, on the events and characters. But that again is a problem, and leads to the Big Threatening Button dilemma over the historical adventure. The Doctor actually can’t do anything. Other than, it seems, leave a girl from the future there with centuries of foreknowledge.


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