The Frightfest International Short Film Showcase

Seen at
Frightfest 2012 - aka Frightfest the 13th

The Horror Channel Presents

The Frightfest International Short Film Showcase

Reviewed by Andy


The Halloween Kid – cute fairytale story about growing up narrated by Derek Jacobi and featuring everyone’s favourite Jagaroth Julian Glover as a teacher. Lovely detail and the story has a heart that makes it almost family-friendly! ****

Alexis – neat take on both the found footage and creepy kids subgenres, though in isolation feels a little like the story isn’t complete ***

Gargols! (Snails!) – stylised and fun mini-B movie about an invasion of giant snails with some good effects and great sense of humour ***1/2

My Brother’s Keeper (Or How Not to Survive the Apocalypse) – the title is almost longer than the film! Dialogue is great and I like the feel, but nothing much actually happens ***

Lot 254 – simple, creepy and effective tale of a mysterious auction purchase ***1/2

Metal Creepers – reminiscent in a way of Alex de la Iglesia, turns out glam metal really is the Devil’s music! ****

Tokophobia – a woman takes extreme measures in her fear of pregnancy. Intriguing in intention, but not to my taste – was over this approach after The Isle personally **

The Captured Bird – the influence of executive producer Guillermo del Toro is evident in this dark fantasy of a little girl investigating a weird black fluid into a strange house. A wonderful brief fable, with a payoff that leaves you wanting to see what happens next ****

Un Jour Sang – a different angle on a familiar story is cleverly told and brutal despite showing very little directly ***

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