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Frightfest 2012 - aka Frightfest the 13th


Reviewed by Andy


Tommy Knight has faced creepy clowns before, in the Sarah Jane Adventures story Day of the Clown, but with no K9 or entrepid Miss Smith to help and an undead Ross Noble on his tail, it’s a different kettle of fish being juggled! On the other hand though, Stitches is not a family film, so he can just tell his pursuer to f*** right off…

When his 6th birthday party has a tragic end following a fatal mix of not very good clown Stitches (Ross Noble) and kids who are less mischievious than little gits, Luk- er, I mean Tom (Tommy Knight) grows up scarred and socially awkward – it’s almost like he’s from another planet or genetically engineered or something! Convinced to hold a birthday party while his mother is away, he doesn’t realise he’s in for an extra visitor as the Clown Code says that a party always has to be finished…

Full of fun, gore and great dialogue, Stitches is a real hoot and Ross Noble fits in the oversized shoes of the resurrected and eponymous clown (known previously as Richard Grindle) naturally. There are a couple of jokes that are groaners or overly obvious – a social networking site dubbed MyFace is some of the most blatent joke foreshadowing I’ve seen – but there’s a great comic energy to the film that pulls you along with a whopping great grin on your face. Sure, there’s a lot of typecasting in the characters and I can’t see teenagers in 2012 really singing along to Chris Isaak unless the only game they have between them is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but it’s made up for with nicely inventive kills and the best chase scene since, ooh, Cockneys vs Zombies (what can I say, it was a good Frightfest!)

In honour of part of the fantastic intro given by Ross Noble – more fun than a Fruit Corner! ****

Stitches hits UK cinemas on 26th October. Seen it? Tell us what you think in the forums!

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